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Khloe and Lamar to End after only 2 Seasons

I don't know about you, but I have truly grown to love Khloe and Lamar.  From the moment that I watched the first episode you can tell that they are very much in love and seem to balance each other out.  Which is why I am going to be sad to see the show end after season 2.  As you all know Lamar was drafted from the LA Lakers and shipped down to the Dallas Mavericks where he seems to be having a difficult time connecting with his teammates and getting his head in the game.  He was recently placed on the inactive list after reaching a low in his career for points and rebounds.  We all know Kris Jenner to be one of those medeling mothers that can get annoying but she gets the job done. 

Apparently Kris decided to keep pressuring Lamar to leave his basketball career and go full force as a reality tv star.  Lamar on the other hand put his foot down and decided that he is more determined than ever to take this lost and get his head in the game.  He will reside in LA and be working with trainers to try and get him back on his A game.  In doing so he has decided also to drop the cameras so that he is able to focus more on his career and his family. Great decision Lamar!!!

Tables are looking to turn on BBW Jennifer Williams

As you all are surely aware that Basketball Wife Jennifer Williams had sued Nia Crooks after being struck by Nia on the show.  Well now it appears that tables are starting to turn on Jennifer as producers feel she is ruining the brand that they have worked so hard to build after she reportedly stated that the show "is negatively portraying black women"  They felt her explicit show-bashing is in violation of her contract, which forbids cast members from doing media appearances or press without approval nor to speak negatively about the show.  Clearly Williams lawyers will need to find some loop hole within this contract in order for them to win this case.  Also Nia has been charged for the slap.
Now I don't know about you, but clearly this was not a shocker considering all of the talks that a reunion would not be possible due to a lot of the key stars of the show deciding to shun Jennifer because of the lawsuit.  They have to guard their baby and one of the reasons we continue to watch the show is to see the lead up to see why the girls are so upset at the reunion.  Now that a reunion may not occur, which is where a lot of the ratings go up, they have to find away to keep the momentum going for the show. 
Now does the show portray a negative image of "black women", no not really because the angry black women scene has been done many times before, been there done that so I would say no not really.  I mean look at mob wives they are fighting over things like who say what, who's dad was a better Mafia king, and things that happened years ago but when they are asked why are you really mad its all here say.  This person said she said this or that.  At least with BBW they sit down tell you why they are mad let you speak then pop you.  Does these shows portray negatively about women in general yes because there are so many behind the scenes great things that these women are doing like volunteer work, starting businesses, spending family time, etc that we don't see.  Sex and Drama is what sells so there you have it, thats whats going to be shown.  But I wish Jennifer and the rest of the girls and the show much success and happiness and hope things work out.

Seeing Results

I have never really been one that was big on exercising, but I admit in my own little way I have been active.  I can remember when I was younger I use to ride my bike everywhere, lift weights here and there, ran track in elementary school and ran cross country in middle school, then in high school instead of me signing up for football I just worked out with the team during the summer.  Once I turned 16, got my license and bought a car few months before my 17th birthday I haven't seen a bike or a track.

Over the years I began gaining sympathy weight when my wife had the kids, I became a couch potato and any time I had to run to catch the bus I was extremely out of breathe running short distances and I can even remember a few months ago trying to bend over in my chair to tie my shoe and getting winded, but no more....I have been attending a gym here and there for the past few months and I have noticed my stomach is shrinking and today when I had to make a dash to catch the bus I noticed that once I reached the bus I was not as much out of breathe as before and I wasn't sweating and my heart wasn't trying to beat out my chest.  This was a proud moment for me because having 3 kids and not having the energy to play with them starts messing with your head.  So I plan on continuing with the exercise and will be getting some vitamins to help with my diet considering I don't like vegetables.  So stay tuned I plan on posting a before and after picture once I have reached my ideal size.  Its not really the weight its being able to bend over to tie my shoe, run with the kids, being healthy, and looking good doing it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Allstate Community Blog : A Mom Cave to Rival Any Man Cave

Here you go ladies, an idea or two of how to find your serenity.  I came across this article and thought some of you maybe interested.  It talks about how to build a mom cave other than the usual nook in the corner to read.  Hope you enjoy!

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Allstate Community Blog : A Mom Cave to Rival Any Man Cave

Man arrested after allegedly attacking roommate over movie choice

I am laughing inside at this story, not at the outcome but at the fact that someone was that upset over a movie.  Apparently this guy in San Francisco attacked his roommate because he put on a movie that he felt was disrespectful and distasteful.  His mother also lived in the residence so he felt he had to protect her honor and punched him causing a broken tooth and a few cuts on his face.  He has been arrested on get this "suspicion" of aggravated assault.

Ok clearly its not suspicion if the guy has bruises that are recent.  And who goes into attack mode over a movie unless your mom was in the living room with you and he put on a porn.  If you didn't like the movie then go to another room or just take the movie out or unplug the DVD Player period.  I don't get it. 

Man arrested after allegedly attacking roommate over movie choice

Man accused of teaching toddler how to break up marijuana buds

My mouth hit the floor when I read this story.  This guy from Mercer County, Pa had the gull to record himself instructing a 2-year old how to break up marijuana buds he was about to sell.  Who in their right mind does some bull like this.  First off all your endangering the welfare of the child because what if he decided to put it in his mouth.  Secondly, what if the police would have been watching your home, because the report also stated he had drug related text messages, and they would have raided it with the child there.  The police don't know who the boy is, so is this someones boyfriend, brother, cousin, friend babysitting this child.  Ladies when are you going to wake up and learn that you can't have everyone watching or being around your children.  I have said it time and time again stop jumping into these relationships and allowing these men to meet your kids so soon.  Set rules if you are having someone babysit your kids that there is to be no drugs what so ever and no sexual activities when in the care of your children.   I don't know what else to tell you, I'm getting madder by the second thinking about how reckless this person is.

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Man accused of teaching toddler how to break up marijuana buds

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Man accused in armored truck slaying, robbery arrested in Florida

They finally caught Kenneth Konias Jr., 22, of Dravosburg, PA in Florida on Monday night.  You all may remember back in February he was accused of killing his security guard partner and stealing more than $2 million from an armored vehicle.  Police were able to recover $1million dollars and several weapons from Konias hide out.  Apparently he had been hiding there since he fled Pittsburgh, but it appears to be a crack house.

My thoughts to this is you stole $2million dollars and the first place you think to go is to a crack house in Florida, seriously.  I mean you didn't think to rent a boat and continue across the borders or something.  Like he has to be one of the dumbest criminals.  I think they said he got arrested for something else then he had to confess of who he was, but still what did you do with the other million?  Did you spend it, did you hide it, either way your going down.  Your partner didn't need to be killed and you shouldn't have tried to rob the truck.  Now your life is over for what a 2month vacation in Florida I hope you had a chance to soak up some sun on the beach because you won't be seeing the sunlight any time soon.

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Man accused in armored truck slaying, robbery arrested in Florida

Deion "Primetime" Sanders Estranged Wife Arrested

I just read that on Monday Pilar Sanders has been arrested for assault on Deion Sanders in their Texas Home.  Reports say that Deion had filed for divorce in December and neither one will leave the home till a Judge has ordered.  Pilar apparently barged into his room and jumped him with a friend in front of their children.  She was arrested Monday and booked into Collin County Jail on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.   Deion Sanders tweeted Monday that his children "just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room."

I am so glad he is pressing charges because there is too much violence going on and too many cases where the man is going to jail for hitting a woman, or women calling the cops under false pretences saying he hit her or threatened her.  You don't hear men coming forward pressing charges, why because we are to be this powerful being and we are stronger than they are...That's bull, violence is violence and no one should have to go through any kind of abuse whether is verbal, mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.  If you feel the need to put your hands on someone then it is time to walk away. 

We see too many times where domestic abuse occurs and the person says I'm sorry it won't happen again, but yet less than a week or maybe more your getting hit again because you disrespect them in front of their friends, or didn't pick them up from work on time, or didn't answer your phone fast enough.  By this point that person is afraid for their life and doesn't want to piss them off any more and so now they are stuck.  Get out while you can because losing your life because some idiot can't keep their hands off you is not worth it.  You feel as though they are the provider and you can't make it, bull, because you can and you will make it.  Call family members, there are shelters that will help you to get on your feet, get on welfare if you need to til your at a point of financial stability, you don't need to put yourself nor if you have kids through this kind of abuse.

I have included a few websites below for support against domestic violence for both men and women feel free to view if you or someone you know has been abused.

'Think Like a Man' dominates at the box office

I had every faith in this movie that it would do well at the box office opening night, but this has surpassed my expectations.  It racked in a whopping $33million which beat out Hunger Games making it #1.  Like I said before Think Like A Man is a must see, it will have you laughing from A to Z, start to finish, you might even have great dreams about this movie with your favorite stars.

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 'Think Like a Man' dominates at the box office

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Think Like A Man Review

Think Like a Man was hilarious, I have to give this movie a four thumbs up.  I mean I was laughing from the time the movie started till the ending credits and bloopers were over.  This is the type of movie you have to support and skip past getting the bootlegs and purchase the DVD.  I normally do not read the book before or after a movie, but this movie was that good in my opinion that I have to pick me up a copy.  This was like how to be a player, meets booty call, meets our wedding and a few other classic love comedies.  I highly recommend going out and seeing this film as you will not be disappointed.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Breaking News: BBW lawsuit holts reunion

I am sure everyone anticipated this, but if you missed this weeks Basketball Wives you missed Jenn getting slapped in the face once again.  This time she was slapped by an old friend of hers, now Evelyns Assistant go figure, Nia.  In this episode, that was taped back in January, Nia voices her dissatisfaction to the fact that Jenn has stopped communicating with her.  Apparently they have been friends for years and Jenn use to stay at her house when she was in Ny and had a key to her house or what not.  She feels Jenn has new friends and she got brand new and so Nia has a chip on her shoulder.  They had a heated argument at the race tracks while having lunch with the other girls and Nia decided she wanted to get up and slap Jenn in the face. 

Well before their argument transpired Tami address the fact that Jenn had her lawyer draw up some papers and send to all the cast mates that if she is harmed or feels threatened that she would be suing them.  This puts the other girls on edge which brings us to her Lawsuit.  She states that she was injured very badly.  The other cast mates feel as though this lawsuit is frivolous, unnecessary and a ploy to keep her character on the show relevant.  Some of the cast members have decided to shun her and may not show up at the reunion next month if she attends. 

Now if you watch these reality tv shows you know someone is always fighting, especially if its a bunch of women.  whether its physical or verbal there is some kind of fight that breaks out.  So if you know this to be true, not to mention the contract signed by the "Wives" cast mates specifically states .... "Participant expressly assumes the risk of any physical or emotional injuries participant may suffer as a result of participant's participation in the project."  So why feel the need to file this lawsuit, you didn't file one when you and Tami got into it, you didn't file one when you and Evelyn had your beef.  So yea I can see how the other girls feel she is being petty.  When you seen her coming you should have gotten up out of your seat and fought back or moved back.  Its not your fault that you were assaulted but it is your fault for not protecting yourself, she warned you and you didn't listen.  I never really had a solid feeling about Jenn only because she was different when around Evelyn and another way when she wasn't.  She was cool and funny at the divorce party and she was an idiot arguing with Royce about a tweet on Twitter that she didn't see.  Her soon to be ex husband said it best, Who Are You Jenn.

But hey the lawsuits out there, so I wouldn't try dropping it to smooth things over the damage is done.  I don't see it messing up her lip gloss line so who cares.  But in my opinion Nia did it to try and get herself a longer part on the show, I'm just saying...Only cowards and people with a motive go after the weak cause she knew Jenn wasn't going to really fight back.  Then for the other girls to try and say she is filing out of spite, where were you when she slapped her out of spite?  So she chooses to fight her in court.  Not everyone has time to be out here fighting in the streets, too many senseless killings occuring where people are stabbing and shooting people so I'm not mad at her for this lawsuit stay your ground Jenn.  comment below tell me your thoughts.

Sheree Whitfield is leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta

It has been confirmed Sheree Whitfield has decided to leave the Real Housewives of Atlanta.  She says she was tired of the direction the show was going and not into the cattiness.  Sheree was one of the original cast members and has been apart of the Bravo show for the past 4 seasons. Bravo has advised that although they hate to see her leave, they wish her well in all her future endeavours.

I can't really say I am sad to see her leave for the simple fact I did not like her attitude.  She tried to make it seem as though she is so above everyone and got money out the wazoo, but yet your sitting up here crying because your kids father isn't paying child support.  I can sympathize with her about not getting the support that she deserves but don't be talking about your building this big house, your going shopping at Neimans and purchasing Rolex's.  You let the child support go this long without suing, he bluntly told you he isn't paying anything, and he isn't in the kids life.  You should have did like Phaedra said and put his butt in jail, I bet you would have gotten it then. 

But I didn't like the fact that her daughters boyfriend came to her and they were discussing marriage and she was scaring him off with these prices of rings trying to make him feel like he couldn't provide for her.  I don't agree with him saying he was ready then stopping everything because of her though, cause he should have put a stop to it right then and there.

Another reason I am not going to be sad to see her go is the fact that she was throwing her friends under the bus left and right and for what...makes me think she seen her story line getting shortened and tried to stir up some mess of her own to try and stay relevant and when it didn't work decided to leave the show before they let her go.  That's my opinion, whats yours...I was just about to post this and a friend emailed me telling to look up Hollywood Gossip.  Sources told them that Sheree was being fired because she was asking for more money, that producers were tired of dealing with her diva attitude and they thougtht she was boring.  so that kind of falls into what I was guessing up there.  here are a few links for you to read more, comment below with your opinion.  Do you think she left or she was fired and why?,,20588279,00.html

Suspects under federal indictment following heroin raid in...

Suspects under federal indictment following heroin raid in...
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Yesterday Federal Agents conducted a huge drug sweep on several houses at the same time in the East Hills area of Pittsburgh, Pa.  They were said to have set off flash-bang grenades that were loud enough for neighbors to hear.  Neighbors said it was a long time coming because they have been seeing the neighborhood going down hill fast.  It is a shame that there has been still drugs being transported through an area that has recently been renovated and the renovations continue.  But officials haven't released any further info yet so stay tuned....

Mom charged after 3-month-old found in running, unlocked car

Mom charged after 3-month-old found in running, unlocked car
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A 30year old mother was arrested for leaving her 3month old child in an unlocked running car yesterday while she shopped at Walmart in North Versailles, PA.  Witnesses and Police said she had to be in there for at least 15minutes when witnesses called police.  She admitted to making a  mistake and said that she was shopping for food and baby formula.  Family has the child now and she is being charged for endangering the welfare of a child.

I was floored when I heard this story, I mean my mouth hit the floor.  Who does that?  First off I don't care if the baby was 3months, 3 years old, 13, you do not leave a child in the car number one, but the fact this unfit mother had the nerve to leave the car running and unlocked to go shopping is what has me pissed all the way off.  They make car seats with handles where you can carry that baby with you, then it has locks on the bottom where you can attach it to the cart so you can go shopping.  Yes, people will make mistakes but this is beyond a mistake this is some bull you hear about on tv.  I mean did she not watch the news about girls leaving babies in the car to get their nails done, or people that left their kids in the car to go swimming, or even the ones that did that to go clothes shopping.  You didn't think to yourself, hmmmm I love my child that I don't want to see any harm come to them and I will hurt someone over mine?  Anything could have happened.  That car could have over heated causing it to catch on fire, someone could have jumped  in not noticing the baby and drove off, someone could have kidnapped the child or left it on the side of the road...I have said this time in and time again people are not fit to be parents and should be evaluated before they can have them and evaluated again after having them.  You should have to go through parenting classes, something because there are too many children out here being abused and neglected by parents and/or their spouses.  This is why I couldn't work as a social work cause I would lose my job having to see kids being abused cause I would be ready to kick someones tail.  Comment below and tell me what you think of this story.

Thieves steal weaves worth thousands

Thieves steal weaves worth thousands
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I had to chuckle when I first read this story.  A store in Atlanta, Ga on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive was burglarise on Thursday around 4am.  It said that this was the third time this store was hit, someone ran their stolen car, with stolen plates, into the front of the store.  They got away with around $2000 in human hair extensions, the cash register was open and no money was taken....

Ok I don't know about you but who goes into a store to rob the place and only steals weave and leaves money in the cash register?  I mean you are already going down for vandalism, theft, breaking and entering, robbery, driving with stolen plates and a stolen car... why not add another charge?  The bad part about it is the fact it was three guys...and you only got away with $2000 worth of human hair?  Someone needs to post this on worlds dumbest criminals because these fools are dumb as all hell.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Endangering the welfare of a child

Here we go again...In Pennsylvania, Washington County, a 3 year old boy was found wandering about throughout the mall on the escalators and at one point near traffic.  The mother Monica Moskal  and her boyfriend David Weaver gathered the child up decided it was time to go when police were called, stating she was looking for her child and he was never unattended or in any danger. 

Then why leave?  Leaving the scene only makes you look guiltier.  I don't understand how a person that has lost their 3 year old child in the mall is walking around calm.  Why didn't you call mall security to help find him?  It took shoppers at the mall to notify security of this mishap, its a shame.  I know sometimes your walking around the mall shopping and you take your eye off of the kids for just a moment and they begin to wander, but it is up to you to be alert of your child and catch them before they go too far.  There are several things you can do to decrease the possibilities of this ever happening such as hold their hand the entire time, carry them the entire time, use a leash (which I this is degrading but some parents use them), or teach them to stay by your side at all times.  There are way too many accounts of child abduction occurring in the world that this could have easily became a tragedy.  I am glad things worked out, but all I'm saying is if you can't watch your kids while at the mall then find a babysitter or wait to go to the mall when they are at school or daycare, police won't have to be called and CYF doesn't have to be involved.

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6 Year old Girl Arrested in Georgia

As I was driving to work this morning I was listening to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show on 100.1FM wamo or 660AM  and they were discussing about this 6 year old girl that was arrested in Milledgeville, Ga at Creekside Elementary School yesterday.  Apparently the child was arrested for throwing a temper tantrum in the class room by pulling things off the walls and knocking over furniture.  She was sent to the principals office and knocked a shelf off the wall injuring the principal, at which time police were called in to help restrain the student.  Because they couldn't calm the student they put her in handcuffs, took her to the police station, and placed her in a holding cell.  She was charged with simple assault, damage of property and suspended til August.  People began calling in voicing their opinions about how they felt the child was too young, why didn't they just restrain her and take her to or call in a therapist to evaluate her, what else are you suppose to do when teachers are being harmed, etc.

My view on this entire thing is...Was she too young to be placed in handcuffs for disrupting and acting a fool, no because she is destroying school property and causing a dangerous environment for the staff and other students.  They needed to restrain her so that she is not a harm to herself or others.

Do I think she should have been taken to the police station and put in a holding cell, no I think that was a little too far.  I think she should have been evaluated by a therapist to find out what was going on that caused her to act out like that.  I think her parents at that time should have been called in and put on a warning, I also think she should have been suspended but not til August, I think they should have gave them a timeline to have a therapist evaluate whats going on and given a written recommendation of whether she is ready to come back to school or needs to transfer to a school that could handle her needs.

What we all have to understand is children of today can careless if you call home, if you suspend them, if you send them to the principals office nothing.  why, because there is no real discipline at home no laws in schools for students so what are they going to be scared of.  I mean had the teacher tried restraining that child and if needed to put more pressure to hold her and left a mark then the school would have been at fault.  Had the teacher grabbed her a certain way it would have possibly been misconstrued as inappropriate touching.  I am shocked that she was charged with simple assault, it seems to be hard for teachers to get any justice with these disruptive students.  Teachers have been underpaid, under appreciated, and overworked.  I can remember my teacher use to buy class supplies out of her own money.
There are so many laws that state corporate punishment is forbidden...why! I got probably 2 or 3 whooping in my life and I turned out great, never been arrested and never in trouble with the law.  I don't curse in front of my mother, well I can count on one hand how many times she has heard me curse because I was very upset.  Punishment doesn't work always, sending them to the corner definitely doesn't work, time out doesn't work.  Now I am not saying kick your kids behind like they were someone on the street, I'm not saying you have to beat them with a belt, I'm not even saying send them out to get a switch.  All I am saying is a little tough love, rules at home, and discipline from time to time when the punishment calls for it doesn't hurt.

What are your thoughts on  this story or about disciplining your child?  What are some of your methods of discipline?

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Pet Peeves...Ask and not receive

Don't you just love when someone ask, "What do you want for diner" and you tell them and they say "Try again".  You tell them another two dishes and still they say sorry we don't have that?

That drives me nuts.  If your asking me what I want and I tell you what I would like to eat, then it is up to you to make that happen; right?  I mean, other wise just say hey we have this, this and that and I am willing to cook this that or this and let me choose at that point.  Don't tease me with the option of saying what I want and you tell me we don't have it.  Just disrespectful, your playing with my emotions lol

Pet Peeves...When Kids Say...

I hate when I ask my kids like who broke the soap up, who spilt this juice and left it there, who was playing in the sink and got water all on the floor?  Then they always come back with the famous, I don't know..It was easy when there was just one because he couldn't blame it on anyone else, but now that there are three  it is kind of hard to determine.  It drives me crazy because they say it with a straight face and its almost as if they conspired their story together already because for some reason they never tell on each other unless one is mad at the other.  I also use to be able to threaten them by punishing everyone to get the truth out, but as of late they have been standing their ground.

So I have tried to monitor their behaviors over the years to see what are somethings that one may do and want one may not do.  I have been able to find ways to find them in the lie and weed out the guilty party, but its just the fact that I have to go to that level that makes it a pet peeve of mine.  How about you, what are some of your pet peeves?

Pet Peeves...Rest Room Etiquette

I absolutely hate when I go to use a public restroom and there is pea on the seat or if it is a urinal pea on the floor.  Like seriously you didn't noticed that you missed the big cut out and hit the toilet seat instead, wipe it up when your done.  I don't get that, its is common sense and a matter of being courteous.  And if your penis is too small that you can't stand in front  of a urinal and make it in the hole then its not for you.  Take your behind and sit on the toilet and pea like a lady because that's the only way your going to make the shot.  Just pisses me off, no pun intended.

Oh and how can we for get the ever so disgust of not washing your hands after?  Your walking around touching stuff or at work and using public equipment please wash your hands especially if you work with food.  I have heard people come out of the stall and just walk right out the door, you nasty bastards wash your hands.

Pet Peeves...Skinny Jeans on Men

Who thought it was a good idea to bring this ERA back?  Skinny jeans on men look so stupid to me.  First off, you're sitting here pants tighter than tight then your sagging them?  What is the point, because if you wanted your family jewels to breathe you would put on a pair of jeans that fit.  They don't have to be baggy, but they should fit and be comfortable enough that your not constantly trying to adjust them.  Why is your jeans tighter than your girls? Why is your girl walking around town next to you?  And last time I checked sagging was a signal from jail to tell other guys your available to be bent over in your jail stop it.  Nobody wants nor needs to see every bone and vein of your body nor your dooky stained draws. If your 21 and above you should not be wearing them.  Pull them up and loosen them up!

Pet Peeves...Talking Loud On The Bus

The other day I happened to catch the bus and I'm sitting there minding my business, all of a sudden this girl gets on the bus talking louder than louder on a cell phone.  Talking about her baby daddy went to his other baby's mom's house and how they ended up sleeping together and she called her to gloat because they fell out, I don't know it was all over the place.  But then she went into talking about how she was ready to beat her ass and can't wait to see her cause she can show her better than she can tell her. 

I'm just sitting there like really why are you blasting all of your business loud as ever on the bus.  I mean I thought it was funny at first but I'm like I really don't care what you going to do, fen to do, and who your going to do it to.  Just how you told her your about to get off of the bus and you will call her back, you should have told her your getting on the bus and you would call her back.  I get that some people don't care but just because you don't care you should still have some respect for others especially in a public place.  There were elderly people and I think 1 child on the bus at least if your going to be loud try filtering some of what you say.

Cracking down on welfare fraud: Is it hurting the innocent?

Cracking down on welfare fraud: Is it hurting the innocent?
Click the link above to read entire story on WPXI

Breaking news, the government is finally realizing that they need to do something about the perpetrators on welfare.  Those are the able body's that collect welfare and don't need it.  They sit back and collect a free check, having child after child, smoking and drinking, getting their hair done but have their children looking a mess, may even get a part time job pretending to put their child in daycare to reap these free benefits.  This has bothered me for years and I have always voiced my opinion.  There are many citizens out here who are truly struggling and who could use programs such as child care assistance, food stamps, utility assistance, etc. Why is it that when we apply for any assistants, housing, or whatever that no one is taking into consideration that you may have a car note, you may have student loans.  I mean their are so many people out here cheating the system that if someone who is out here really trying to make things better for their families they get the short end of the stick.  I know people who have applied for child care assistance and both parents worked, went to school, and lived in the same household but because they weren't working enough hours were turned down.  How does that even make any sense, but yet I have also seen people who can't even get up on time to go to a government appointed course to stay on welfare and they still receive it somehow.  Boggling isn't it.

There should be a program implemented for the working class that works pay check to pay check, that are in school trying to better themselves, and meet certain income guidelines but at a reasonable rate for today's average hourly/salary wage.  There should also be a program implemented where you only have a certain time frame to be on welfare followed by finding employment and maintaining your bills.  There should be free financial seminars included within these classes so that people are aware of how to manage their money better and be more informed about the programs that are offered for those on fixed incomes that wish to purchase a home. 

Just had to throw my two cents in there, its possible that some of things may have already been implemented but I thought I would post this for my readers since I just read this article and get you to tell me what you think of this topic.

My Recap of Last Nights Bad Girls Club

OMG, last nights episode of BGC was freaking crazy.  It began with recapping when they got rid of the weakest bad girl ever, Christine.  Mimi begins to get paranoid thinking that could have been her when she left, or what if that happens if I decide to leave again or if they decide to turn on me...So she starts drinking heavily and ranting about how no one cares about her.  She later gets so waisted that she spits up all over the room and apparently it smells because Elease decides to move out of the room for a while.  She bunks with the new girl Camile, who begins to think they are now BFF's but Elease has her eyes open on her. 

Later that evening after a night filled with the club, as usual lol, the girls get back a few go to sleep but Amy and Camile decide to stay up and take a shower together and it got a little frisky.  But apparently Amy couldn't get out of the shower and grab her own towel which was less than 2 feet away and got an attitude with Camile.  Then all hell broke lose she got out the shower tried to charge Camile and Camile gave it to her and pulled some of her tracks out.  They apologized the next day and Elease and Mimi made up, but not for long...

Camile later falls out with Elease because she and the other girls began ignoring her at a fun day at the zip lines.  So Camile took it upon herself to move Elease mattress from her room back to the VIP room so the other girls jumped in and moved Camiles bed to the pool.  Thats when the 2nd brawl of the century in the bad girls club house begins.  I think they may have met their match cause Camile aint no joke, she is taking on the entire house, but security is holding them all back but she got some hits in.  I don't understand if your so bad why is there like 5 against one.  They all did that to Elease, the twins even though they deserved it, and even Christine.  You ever notice no one ever really goes after Venetia?  she is the ring leader to pretty much every issue in the house and they don't see it.  I can not wait to see the show next week because the fight will continue for the finale see you there.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Mama Drama

In recent news we have found out that Usher's Half Brother James Lackey is in a custody battle with his baby mother who is currently receiving $1300/month in child support.  Lackey is stating that he is unable to afford that in his current situation, but she is claiming otherwise.  Inferring about his lavish lifestyle of working with big names as a producer with such artist as his brother Usher, as well as BOB and few others.  She also states he gets royalties and owns his own record studio, and has a nice house and a bunch of cars.

Not only is Lackey in a custody battle but as well is Usher.  Usher's ex wife Tameka wants him to fork over an additional $50,000 in addition to the $25,000 that he has already provided for her legal fees to fight in court.  He feels this is absurd as do I.  She has requested him to take drug test and a few other motions that she has filed.

Why is it that when someone has kids you have to go through an ugly battle?  I mean it should be very simple, if we can't get along we need to get along when it comes to the kids.  There should be a plan of action and a set agreement about how much you need for child support and when the kids will be visiting.  There should not be a need to stretch out a court case that you can easily agree on.

Ladies, I am so sick and tired of some of you trying to live life through your children.  There are so many men out here that take care of their kids and for those of you all that have one see monetary values and think you are obligated to reaping the rewards.  I have seen so many celebrities and friends and family going through these custody battles because the baby mama feels she should be living in this big mansion and her kids should have top designers etc. But turn around and you have the baby mama wearing the Prada, and Chanel and hair done, but then the kids are looking like who done it and why.  That is not what child support is.  It is to take care of the child.  You trying to squeeze every dime out of this person because he doesn't want you any more or because your money hungry is absurd.  I have 3 kids of my own and I know how hard is providing for them and making sure they are taken care of.  However, my kids will live without a diamond studded Binky, my kids will survive without having the latest Jordan's, as long as they have food in the belly, and good size home that is comfortable for them, and they know that they are loved is all that matter.  That's why I love the fact the Rev. Run gave us Runs House because it show case a celebrity that has money but he teaches his kids the value of a dollar.  He doesnt' allow them to sit back and name drop, he makes them work hard and when they cut up he brings them back to reality.

Fellas, I am so sick and tired of those of you that feel when you break up with your girl or your wife that you break off your relationship with your kids.  I also hate seeing when guys have played the father figure roll in another mans child's life and when they break up they distant themselves from that child.  That doesn't do anything but make the child feel hey every man that comes in my life is going to walk away, so when the next guy come they won't show them any respect which may cause a rift with the mother and that child because mommy feels she deserves to be happy.

No matter what the case never ever neglect the child.  It is important that they see their parents can get along even apart.  Any rules set within one household should be pretty much close if not the same in the other household.  Not only should you tell your child you love them, show them.  Its not always about what you can buy for them but spending that extra quality time is more important to them than a pair of Jordan's, sometimes the Jordan's are just a bonus.

Part 1 of 3: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

Last nights Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 Reunion Part 1 of a 3 part series was amazing.  I can not wait to see the next two parts which part 2 will air this Thursday at 9pm est on Bravo.  They started out part 1 with discussing a little about Kandi's adult line Bedroom Kandi, Kims family life, Sheree's child support situation and Nene's haterism. 

Lets start by saying Sheree and Phaedra were going back and forth about how Phaedra didn't know what she was doing and they had to get another attorney to come in to counsel Phaedra, and how Sheree was late with the check.  Ok I don't even know why Sheree can't get over this because whether she is your friend or not no Attorney is going to file paper work on your behalf if you have not provided your retainer fee because then they are out of money and so is their firm.  She discussed with you your options, you didn't want to go that route and she gave you back your money and found you a new lawyer so that your friendship wouldn't end.  End of story!  The case is still in the same status so stop blaming Phaedra.

Nene and Kandi then began to get into a little discussion about how Nene has been acting like she is so above the other girls because they talk about sex and having sex parties and what not.  As you seen through the season's Nene has appeared at these parties with a stank attitude, so then why go.  You can show your support by calling and congratulating someone and if you don't feel comfortable about a situation take yourself out of that equation.  Point blank period.  But to go to someones event and not speak or even say good bye how was Kandi to know you were even there?  Like get over yourself, your not above anyone.  Don't let this knew found fame and your sugar daddy make your head so big.  I actually started to like the new Nene but then she converted to this Hater.  Its good to be able to buy this that and the other but when you start looking down on other people in a way it looks as though you don't want to see others do well, which is not a good look.

But the floor began to rumble when Sheree took a cheap shot at Nene about how her son Bryson was shop lifting at Walmart.  I did not agree with that one bit.  You should never bring someones kids into an argument because people will kill over their child.  I did however agree with Nene and her tough love when she advised her son that he would have to sit in jail til she was ready to get him so he could think about what he has done.  I think it is a problem in society now a days where too many parents are always running to clean up their kids mistakes, if you do that how do you expect them to learn.  I was kind of scared for Sheree because Nene looked like she was about to jump across the room and thrash her too pieces.  Don't get me wrong I think Sheree can probably handle Nene but in that point and time Nene seemed to see nothing but Red.

Now what cracked me up about this episode of the reunion was the fact that Cynthia had to chime in every step of the way like she was some kind of host or something.  Shut up and sit back wasn't no one talking to you.  All of sudden she has this back bone because all season she has been flip flopping when around and away from Nene and I hate that.  If your going to say something you should be able to say the same thing to that person to their face, which is why I like Kandi.

Kim and Nene had a little discussion about how they are tweeting about each other and what not.  Nene asked why she is on her timeline but then in the same breathe she saying what Kim had on her timeline.  So you can look on hers but she isn't allowed to look on yours....

I am a lover of Reality Tv just like the next person because for some reason its like a train wreck that you just can not turn away from.  What I despise about these shows is the fact that you have several successful women that look great, take care of their kids, some have husbands that are in the children's lives and the only thing they can portray is hatred towards one another.  Why is it that you can not applaud each other from doing great things.  And if someone is giving you criticism don't jump to the assumption all the time that they are putting you down, some people are generally trying to help you out. 

I guess it is just for the ratings and to see who can grab a spin off show or what not, but all I do know is I can not wait until this Thursday to catch part 2 of this reunion because it will be even juicer than the first.  Stay tuned...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Facebook Gangstas

Have you ever been in a facebook group or had a friend that was facebook tough, but when they in the streets they seem to be a scard little puppy when they see the person that they were beefing with?  We call them facebook gangsta's.  They are so tough online talking about what they going to do, what they aint going to do, and who they know.  Like come on now, how old are you and who amped you up to think you got an S on your chest because you can't act like that with everyone because some people take facebook way too seriously and will find you cause as they say "You aint bout that life"

I don't understand why people feel the need to be fake on facebook, but are completely different in person.  I am me 24/7 and who ever don't like it can kick rocks.  I am the type I can get along with any and everyon till you double cross me then I can shut you off like you never existed.  I don't have time for the fakeness.  Its 2012 people grow up, get a job, and stop pretending like facebook is real life because news flash its not it is built for entertainment purposes and that is what it should be used for.  As Tamar Braxton would say, Get ya life!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Climax: Usher

Yes, yes, yes Usher is back.  I was wondering when we would get another great hit from Usher since Confessions.  Climax is my new jam.  I like to listen to the lyrics to see where the song is going first, then watch the video, versus trying to sing the song before knowing it.  Usher did an amazing job with portraying both.  In the song as I was listening it sounds as if him and his girl have had ups and downs and are at their breaking points where their bad seems to be out weighing the good, hence Climax.  He doesn't want it to be over and wants to see her one more time but it is hard.  I can relate to this song as I have had instances within my relationships where I didn't want it to end but I knew it had to.  But I have had relationships, like now that are worth fighting for til your last breathe because the good does out weigh the bad in most relationships.

Now as you watch the video you get the same perception which I think is amazing but then it comes to a nail biting turn when it looks as though he had enough and decide to kill himself within her house or kill each other but at the end he actually decides its not worth it and drives away.  Amazing.  I mean this type of situation occurs thousands of times where a spouse says you might think we are done but we aren't If I can't have you then no one can.  Its just not worth losing your life or taking another life because you can't let go, sometimes the hardest things are the best things to do, just walk away. 

I am a stickler that if you feel you have to raise your hand and strike your spouse to get your point across, or take that person's life because you can't take the truth that its over or that you have a problem then before it goes that far it is time to just walk away.  So I urge each and everyone of you men and women if you have to strike then that's not your life.  Its time to move on and hang on to the good memories no need to add to the bad ones. 

But again, great video Usher keep giving us great music.

Taylor Swift Eyes Open

I love this song.  With the tremendous donations and awareness Taylor Swift has brought to Anti Bullying is amazing.  Not only that she has donated a pink Chevy pick up truck that was given to her by her record label and donated thousands to the Red Cross and St. Jude's for kids.  She is an inspiration to many young teens and children.  She may not be a Beyonce in singing or Ciara in dancing, but she brings a lot to the table so America better stop sleeping on her as an artist because she is providing her generation with more than just music and doesn't require to broadcast her generosity to the world.  So carry on Taylor Swift your an inspiration to many of our youth.

Plies We Are Trayvon Tribute

I appreciate good music so I had to share this tribute song to you by Plies.  I will just let you listen to it it speaks for itself.

Act Like A Woman Think Like A Man

Love, Love, Love this song.  Jennifer Hudson, NeYo and Rick Ross did their thang.  Jennifer Hudson looks amazing.  When I first seen her losing weight on the commercials I said man she is getting to skinny her head is going to look to big.  But she really looks great in this video.  I can remember when she first arrived on the American Idol scene with the eye liner trim round her lips and the bushy wig.  She has really blossomed. 

They performed this song on American Idol last night and were amazing everyone was so happy to see her.  She is an amazing women to be able to keep moving after what happened to her family.  I can't imagine what she is going though especially since she may have to testify within the case.  So my hat goes off to her and I pray that she is able to get justice and her family can RIP fo

Beyonce Dance For You: Take Notes

I love the woman empowerment of Beyonce like the next person, but this is the Beyonce that I know and love right here.  Dance for you is a smash hit.  I love how its tastefully done, but its sexy.  The black and white picture with the seductive booty popping and sun light hitting her sexy silhouette just perfect.  I need all of my ladies to take note because Beyonce knows what it takes. keep your man happy by switching things up from time to time.  If you have to put on a different wig every few days, pull out the handcuffs, do a little dance or whatever you should do it.  Keep your man's attention. We are really easy to please.

 I was once asked, why do men like to go to the strip clubs and spend money then go home and make love to their woman, why not just give her the money and stay home.  The reason is because its all about seductiveness and enjoying ourselves.  We work long hours and some help maintain the house and the kids, so just like women we get stressed and to relieve that stress we have strip clubs, bars, and dear I say it porn.  So it is just the pure fantasy of the craft, which is why I say put on a wig from time to time to change it up and spice things up.  Communicate what you like, don't like and by all means have fun with it.  Get it B I ain't mad at you!

Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

I just heard this new song on the radio called If I was your boyfriend.  I am going to be honest, I seriously thought this was a Mindless Behavior Song, But it was Justin Bieber.  Yoooooo Bieber really did his thang on this song.  I mean he has a little whisper rap going on then jumps into the singing.  Ok Bieber you are really coming into your own.  I really enjoyed this song, I had to blast it riding home from work then I downloaded it to my mp3 player on my phone.  I am sorry I am a grown man but Bieber has swag now.  Keep great music like this coming Bieber, Usher and Tre Songz Watch out I think Bieber bout to take ya ladies!  And for you Timberlake fans I think the Bieber just brought the sexy back yea!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

George Zimmerman in custody, will plead not guilty to second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin case

George Zimmerman in custody, will plead not guilty to second-degree murder in Trayvon Martin case

Click Link Above in blue to read further about the case and statements made by Zimmerman's attorney and the Prosecutor

Apparently Zimmerman found a new lawyer to take on the case and as he states in this News Broadcast Zimmerman will plead not guilty when he appears in front of the magistrate Thursday April 12th around 1pm.  This is not news to us, at least not me, I am sure he thought with pleading the stand your ground nonsense that he thought he wouldn't be arrested.  But as of 8 8:30pm today he has been put into police custody and his where abouts over the last few weeks are not being released for his safety.  But the prosecutor has stated that she will fight this to the highest cost if he tries to continue to claim the stand your ground legislation.

The Martin family understands that we still have a long way to go but are pleased that an arrest has finally been made.  They will continue walking by faith that justice will prevail as will I.  I will continue posting about this case, doing my part to try and make others aware that there has been an unjust served and that as long as we all come together this fight will have somewhat of a happy ending.  Keep your hoods up for Trayvon Martin and keep his family in your prayers.

Zimmerman has been charged Second Degree Murder

Oh Happy Day, Zimmerman has been Charged with Second Degree Murder for the death of Trayvon Martin.  Today at 6pm Prosecutor Angela Corey announced that Zimmerman would be charged with second degree murder.  He is to appear in front of a magistrate within 24hours where
"If convicted of Second Degree Murder, a judge is required to impose a minimum prison sentence of 16¾ years in prison and can impose any additional combination of the following penalties:
Just before the announcement the family of Trayvon Martin released a statement saying "charges against Zimmerman would start the healing process, but we won't stop fighting until he's convicted."

I appreciate everything that everyone has done around the country to bring notice and awareness that prejudice is still in the air.  I appreciate how our youth have gone forward and represented throughout the social networks by putting your hoods up.  And I appreciate the media for keeping us up to date with the latest information within this case.  I would appreciate even more if this legislation of "Stand Your Ground" will be more defined and removed until such so that we do not have any further senseless killings before every "Zimmerman" begins to plead it. I thank you all for continuing to read my blog, more to come the fight isn't over yet...

To read about the charge click the link below

Zimmerman to be charged in Trayvon Martins Death

Click link below
Zimmerman to be charged in the Trayvon Martin Case

It has been confirmed finally that Zimmerman will be charged in the Trayvon Martin murder case. 
State Attorney Angela Corey is scheduled to hold a news conference at 6 p.m. Today, Wednesday April 11th at the state attorney's office in Jacksonville, Florida related to the Martin investigation.  So stay tuned.

I am so glad justice is about to be served, but I will not be at ease til I hear the sentencing because its a flip up of how much time he will get.  In the article from CBS it states that "Zimmerman was walking back to his truck when he was attacked by Martin at which point Zimmerman shot him"  ok that is new to me why all of a sudden that is being said?  I am not sure how all of this is going to go but as long as he has been put behind bars and given a reasonable sentence like 30-life then we are all good.What are your thoughts on the case?

Stay away from my kids and family...J Lo Says

Did you all hear that Jennifer Lopez rented out Marine Beach on Saturday, forking over $925 to the city of Long Beach?  She had her kids, some family members, boyfriend Casper Smart, and few friends.  She had the city line the beach and gate it off so as to no one being able to cross and disturb them.

I have to laugh at this for just  a moment because you are blocking off the beach to keep rift rafts away from your family and kids but yet you have this new guy in your life hanging with your kids.  Now I like J Lo, she is a hustler, and even though she can't really sing I like some of her songs.  But come on Jenny from the block.  You have kids now, you have to be cautious of who you let meet them and who you let into their lives.  I am so sick and tired of seeing women jump in and out of these different relationships and letting these men meet their kids way to soon.  The person that gets hurt is the kids because they see men coming and going and there isn't a solid GOOD male figure in their life which causes them to do off the wall things.  I know Marc Anthony is in their life and I am glad because they have their father, I am glad that you think you may have found someone that treats you great, but I am not glad that you have introduce them to a new guy.  If it is not a serious relationship and you don't see marrying this person or it hasn't been a year or two I don't think you should ever offer a person the chance to enter a child's life.

And ladies just because you have the money doesn't mean you need to be co signing and/or purchasing men these lavish presents like a new car or Rolex watch.  I mean if he is not your husband or you haven't been together for more than a year why spend that kind of money on him I am sure he hasn't spent that on you.  You can't buy love but you can buy time, think about it...

Michigan Teacher Fired over Trayvon Martin Fundraiser

I just read the article about the Teacher that was recently fired for putting together a fundraiser with her 8th grade class to help raise money for the family of Trayvon Martin.  It stated that she was requesting students to come to school wearing hoodies, they would pay $1 to do so, and would write an essay on the case.  She went through the necessary chain of command, as she should, innocent enough right.  So she thought...

Apparently, the Superintendent didn't think so.  She tells Brooke Harris, the teacher, that the project can not go forward.  That it would be a distraction to the students at this point of the school year.  When Harris began to explain to the students why they can't go forward she was called into a meeting and was suspended for 2days and told to stay away from the school.  She later took it a point to drop off prizes to the students and was then fired for doing so.  Another article went further in depth and said Harris actually called to see why she was suspended for 2 days but it stretched out to 2weeks and was fired when she questioned the Superintendent.  Now she wants to know why....

After reading this article I can see both points of views.  One she was told to stay away and to drop the request to have the fundraiser.  she disregarded orders to stay away from the school and decided to take it upon herself to come and drop off prizes, way to jeopardize your job Ms. Harris.

But then again this was a great project for an English class, this case is on every news channel, its on every social network, its on every search engine.  She incorporated a written assignment into the fundraising.  I think this would have gone a long way with the family and recognition to the school for doing such a thing.  I don't think she should have been fired for just dropping off prizes to her class, if it was going to be that big of an issue they could have just took the prizes from her at the door and drop them off for her.

I think there maybe more to this story than we are getting but I think until someone speaks up about the reason or as we say "The Real Reason" she was fired of course we are going to speculate that there may be some bias within who they think was right.

To read these articles you can click the links below

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

George Zimmerman's attorneys withdraw from Trayvon Martin case

George Zimmerman's attorneys withdraw from Trayvon Martin case

After reading this article on MSN I think this is crazy.  First they decide not to use a grand jury now this.  I think this is another staling tactic of some sorts on Zimmerman's part.  I think his lawyers got tired of him doing the opposite of what they advised and they are just fed up that they decided to walk away.  It says they haven't talked to him in two days and have only spoken with him on the phone.  The judge needs to put a stop to this and just put Zimmerman behind bars until further notice, because he is either going to try and flea, or this case is going to continue being pushed back.  I just want this case to be done and over with but done correctly.  In my opinion I think there was a struggle and Trayvon Did strike Zimmerman but I think Trayvon was the one who was provoked and when Zimmerman felt he was getting his behind handed to  him by a 17 year old he took his gun out and shot him like the coward he is. 

click the link above in blue to read more.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Racial slur on Mich. road sign targets Trayvon Martin

Racial slur on Mich. road sign targets Trayvon Martin

See things are about to get seriously real out here.  I can not believe that someone would be so stupid and inconsiderate, malicious, and just straight ignorant enough to hack into a construction sign to post a racial slur about a young man who lost his life in such an unjust and disgusting way.  I don't care how you feel about another race what kind of human could ever be so cruel.  What if it was your child and one of another race did something like this describing your child?  How would you feel had your child been the one that was shot and killed because he seemed suspicious?  Get your life together, I hope you are found and prosecuted to the highest degree of the law.

Hoodies On The Hill

Last night I got the pleasure to watch part of the Hoodies on The Hill movement on PCNTV.  It was a group of Senators and State Representatives gathered together by State Representative Thaddeus Kirkland, D-Delaware, on the Capitol steps.  They came together to fight for Justice and Truth within the Trayvon Martin Case.  I think it is great how the country is coming together and fighting a worthy cause.  You know they say Guns don't kill people, people kill people.  Ok so what does that mean.  Because as far as I'm seeing it has been pretty easy for a person to get a gun and now with this "Stand Your Ground" Law it seems almost inevitable that senseless killings of innocent people will have to watch their murderers walk away because they claim self defense.  This Legislation needs to be revoked immediately until there is a complete defiance of what is considered a threat to one by another.  I mean lets say I'm standing there and a strange guy comes up on the side of me and because there have been some muggings going on in the neighborhood and all he is trying to do is walk past me, I have the right to shoot him because I feel in danger?  Or lets say I'm talking with a family member and we are in a debate over a card game do I have the right to shoot him because I feel my life is in dangered that if I say something he doesn't like he might jump over the table to hit me?  There are way too many lives being taken way to early because of stray bullets, drug bust gone wrong, and people taking things that don't belong to them already that this law would even be put into action.  I do not agree with this one bit. But I think it is great what Rep Kirkland is doing and just had to share.   Where do you all stand?

My sense of weekend accomplishment

I want to wish all of my readers a very Happy Resurrection Day/Easter.  Hope your weekend was relaxing and blessed.

Now that I got that out the way let me tell you about my weekend accomplishment.  I am a simple guy, I enjoy watching TV, hanging with friends and family, horse back riding, etc. by no means do i like doing yard work.  I bought my house in 2008 and there were these river rocks lined up on the side as some kind of border or mini retaining wall.  I had an idea that eventually I would use them for when I put a pond in my yard and make it like a Asian garden, needless to say I have yet to do so.  Apparently my kids and their friends thought it would be a good idea to keep throwing them throughout the yard, which makes it very hard to mow the lawn when trying to dodge river rocks.

So over the weekend I was determined that I would get a few things around the house complete.  I got my kids up and we started with the garage, taking out lawn furniture so we can later set it up in the back, sweeping up, restocking Christmas stuff, moving things around in a neat and orderly fashion, and putting out the trash.  This did not take much effort but they seemed to be very excited to help. 

The next step was to use one of their old power wheel cars that they use to race through the yard, that no longer runs on battery, and fill it up with all of the rocks that they have scattered about and bring them back to a designated section of the yard.  This took some effort as there were lots of rocks scattered about over days or weeks.  So luckily two of their friends stopped by to play, but I decided they helped scatter them so they want to play its time to help move the rocks back.  So we played a game to see who could grab the most rocks the fastest.  It was amazing how quickly they were moving about. 

Once we got that task complete, it was no time to to gather up all the thick twigs that fell from the trees from the hard winds a few days before.  This too didn't take much time. We finally got to move the patio furniture to the back yard and set it up neatly and finished our hard work with some pizza and lemonade and good music.  At least they did, I still had some inside work to complete.  But I was glad that we were able to do it together and get things completed.  Now on to the next project, just don't know where to start...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Khloe and Lamar: Petition to stay together

I am usually up to date with my reality stars, but for some reason I must have broke my tv and neglecting my twitter because I completely missed the rumors that Khloe and Lamar Odom were getting a divorce.  I have seen many reality show relationships come and go, but the Odoms relationships seem to be the real deal.  Khloe has always been my Favorite Kardashian because she has always been very grounded and doesn't let her mother walk all over her or her siblings, she even takes up for Bruce from time to time. 

I love how Khloe pampers Lamar by keeping things spicy in the bedroom, being where he needs her to be, and cooking and cleaning for him while still maintaining her Independence and working with the family branding.  I love how Lamar looks at Khloe like there is no other and how he embraces the fact that she is family oriented and isn't intimidated by it.  Which when I heard that they may possibly be getting a divorce it shocked me.  I can understand that with the lock out then later being traded from LA to Dallas that things could get strenuous, for anyone but as long as you have each other backing each other up you can do anything.

I think they should stay together, although I do not want to see this happen, but perhaps take a break from the reality tv to get things in order at home and if your ready come back with the show.  Do not let rumors or the constant chatter from the paparazzi cloud your judgement.  I believe you are meant to be together as do most of the world .

Friday, April 6, 2012

You got personality...

For those of you that have kids know that they can drive you crazy, make you smile, and appreciate being a parent everyday.  Well I am a father of 3 beautiful children; 2 sons and a daughter.  Ages range from 9 1/2, 8, and 2 1/2.  Their personalities are truly different.  For those of you that enjoy zodic signs we have two Leo's, a Pisces, a Gemini, and Virgo so there are a lot of personality within this household and a constant control struggle amongst my wife and I as we are both Leos.  Strange right!

My oldest son, first born, the apple of my eye enjoys learning a variety of things.  His passions include learning about science, math, pretending to be a business man like his dad, informing us of President Obama and his families birthday and location of birth, giving us the weather report, becoming a teacher/a vet/principal/& a rock star.  He has a great imagination and sees the world as it is and likes to explore the possibilities.

My middle child, the second boy, my adventures one enjoys everything there is about Sonic.  He has the game on Xbox360 as well as Nintendo 3DS, he has shirts with sonic, anytime we go to the store or he is with his grandparents he is always asking for a sonic toy.  He is now taking it a step further and watching sonic on youtube, he cracks me up.  He likes climbing trees, wrestling, pretending to know how to do karate, and playing kick ball with his friends.  He is very independent but tends to vert back to his dependant status, I think because he is no longer the baby...typical middle child syndrome.

My third child, the princess and lil diva of the family what can I say about daddies princess.  She loves all her dolls, wrestling with her brothers, having tea time, and watching her favorite movies such as the Muppet's and cats don't dance.  She is a girlie girl that loves shoes and changing her clothes throughout the day, but at the same time she has a tom boy side where she just wants to wrestle with her brothers and if you try taking her food your going to pull your arm back as a nub lol.  But she is the baby and thinks she runs the house, but not from daddies doing that's all mommy...ok maybe a little daddy but not really :)

Three very different personalities, but all very sweet and innocent.  They want to be all that they want to be and explore various options and my wife and I encourage every bit of it.  They are my three little angels and we love them dearly what more could a father ask for....

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Knowing your credit

Credit, what is this and how does it effect you? 

Credit is:
The ability to obtain goods or services before payment, based on the trust that payment will be made in the future.

  • Credit Score is:          Is a number calculated based on the information within your credit  report.   Lenders use this number to assess the credit risk you pose and the interest rate they will offer you if they agree to lend you money.

Knowing your score is very important. I have learned over the years that if you are not aware of what is within your credit report that it can potentially hurt you down the road.  Like so many Americans turning 18, going off to college, wanting to build credit for the things we want such as a house and car and wanting it now has effected so many.  I can attest to this because when I went to college I was getting pre approvals left and right from credit card companies wanting my business, so me being young, not knowing, and not educating myself I applied.  I actually received about 12 credit cards from a Kaufman's Card, to a Walmart Card, to American Express over a period of time.  I was in the high 700's on my score.  I had just got a new job making good money, in college,  so I decided I wanted to get a new car.   Was making payments on time, but then my hours got reduced.  I didn't have a balance on all my cards so I decided since I'm not using them I would close those ones and send the minimal payment to the ones I did use and keep up on payments on my car.  Long story short I wasn't able to keep up on the payments and eventually stopped paying on credit cards and payed on car which eventually began taking a toll on my score.  It has been years since, I have graduated, been keeping up on my credit report and have one card that I use and pay off the next month.  But here are a few ideas that I learned over the years that I hope will help you:

  1. Know what's in your credit report.  There are several sites that allow you to check your credit for free once a year and if you want to check it monthly there is a small fee to do so.  One of the most popular ones that I like to use is you pay $9.98/mo and every month you can view your updated credit score, if any discrepancies you can dispute them right away, and it breaks down the reasons your score maybe at a certain number.
  2. Secured Credit VS Unsecured Credit:  Secured cards are those with a set interest rate, it is almost like a debit card where you can't spend whats not available. So basically you are ultimately depositing money on the card and paying a small annual fee.  An Unsecured card is like the Sears or Walmart or Visa and Master Cards where you apply for credit and they set the limit on the card and you can have a variable interest rate and higher membership fees.  If you are looking to rebuild or maintain your good credit I would suggest a Secured credit card. "Given all that, it's probably no surprise that an industry expert like Odysseas Papadimitriou, CEO of credit-card comparison website, recommends secured cards for those trying to rebuild. If you have bad credit, Papadimitriou says, opening up an unsecured card amounts to tying a hand behind your back. (Papadimitriou also dispels a widespread myth: that to improve your credit score, you need to use the card, charging and paying it off every month. Wrong, he says: you could lock a secured card in a drawer, and as long as you keep up with the annual fee, your reports will reflect an account in good standing.)"
  3. Pay off your past due balances because your past due balances cover about 35% of your credit score. The further behind you are on it the more it will hurt your score.
  4. Avoid applying for too many new credit accounts. The more inquiries that occur on your report can also affect your report.  to many new accounts with little older accounts has a negative outlook on your score.
  5. Avoid closing accounts or at least to soon I can not stress this one enough because this is where I got into trouble at.  I thought closing my cards that I wasn't using would have no affect on my score but I was wrong.  If you have say 3 cards one you opened Oct.2009 one Oct2010 and one Nov2010 and you only have a balance on the second one and third and you try closing them your score will drop tremendously.  How ever if there wasn't a balance it may drop less but still will drop because its new accounts.  Never close your only card and never close your oldest card.
  6. Make payment arrangements with your creditors Like most, I have cringed at the fact of calling to set an arrangement with creditors because they usually say no or we need X amount now and X amount by this date.  Don't late that  discourage you, sometimes you may call a few times and speak with someone else and they will allow you to make a lower payment as long as you give them a post dated check.  But make sure to call them as soon as you know you will not be able to pay, do not wait till your past your grace period because sometimes they can not extend it.
  7. Set a budget and if you can't afford to pay for an item in cash then do not charge it because 9 out of 10 times you may not have the money later to pay your bill because like always something else may come up more important to be paid like your electric bill.
  8. Counseling If need be speak with a financial advisor or credit counselor who can assist you with making a plan of action to build or repair your credit
These are just a few ideas that I have used in order to help repair my credit and what I have learned over the years of what not to do.  I hope this is helpful!!!