Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pet Peeves...Rest Room Etiquette

I absolutely hate when I go to use a public restroom and there is pea on the seat or if it is a urinal pea on the floor.  Like seriously you didn't noticed that you missed the big cut out and hit the toilet seat instead, wipe it up when your done.  I don't get that, its is common sense and a matter of being courteous.  And if your penis is too small that you can't stand in front  of a urinal and make it in the hole then its not for you.  Take your behind and sit on the toilet and pea like a lady because that's the only way your going to make the shot.  Just pisses me off, no pun intended.

Oh and how can we for get the ever so disgust of not washing your hands after?  Your walking around touching stuff or at work and using public equipment please wash your hands especially if you work with food.  I have heard people come out of the stall and just walk right out the door, you nasty bastards wash your hands.

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