Monday, April 16, 2012

Baby Mama Drama

In recent news we have found out that Usher's Half Brother James Lackey is in a custody battle with his baby mother who is currently receiving $1300/month in child support.  Lackey is stating that he is unable to afford that in his current situation, but she is claiming otherwise.  Inferring about his lavish lifestyle of working with big names as a producer with such artist as his brother Usher, as well as BOB and few others.  She also states he gets royalties and owns his own record studio, and has a nice house and a bunch of cars.

Not only is Lackey in a custody battle but as well is Usher.  Usher's ex wife Tameka wants him to fork over an additional $50,000 in addition to the $25,000 that he has already provided for her legal fees to fight in court.  He feels this is absurd as do I.  She has requested him to take drug test and a few other motions that she has filed.

Why is it that when someone has kids you have to go through an ugly battle?  I mean it should be very simple, if we can't get along we need to get along when it comes to the kids.  There should be a plan of action and a set agreement about how much you need for child support and when the kids will be visiting.  There should not be a need to stretch out a court case that you can easily agree on.

Ladies, I am so sick and tired of some of you trying to live life through your children.  There are so many men out here that take care of their kids and for those of you all that have one see monetary values and think you are obligated to reaping the rewards.  I have seen so many celebrities and friends and family going through these custody battles because the baby mama feels she should be living in this big mansion and her kids should have top designers etc. But turn around and you have the baby mama wearing the Prada, and Chanel and hair done, but then the kids are looking like who done it and why.  That is not what child support is.  It is to take care of the child.  You trying to squeeze every dime out of this person because he doesn't want you any more or because your money hungry is absurd.  I have 3 kids of my own and I know how hard is providing for them and making sure they are taken care of.  However, my kids will live without a diamond studded Binky, my kids will survive without having the latest Jordan's, as long as they have food in the belly, and good size home that is comfortable for them, and they know that they are loved is all that matter.  That's why I love the fact the Rev. Run gave us Runs House because it show case a celebrity that has money but he teaches his kids the value of a dollar.  He doesnt' allow them to sit back and name drop, he makes them work hard and when they cut up he brings them back to reality.

Fellas, I am so sick and tired of those of you that feel when you break up with your girl or your wife that you break off your relationship with your kids.  I also hate seeing when guys have played the father figure roll in another mans child's life and when they break up they distant themselves from that child.  That doesn't do anything but make the child feel hey every man that comes in my life is going to walk away, so when the next guy come they won't show them any respect which may cause a rift with the mother and that child because mommy feels she deserves to be happy.

No matter what the case never ever neglect the child.  It is important that they see their parents can get along even apart.  Any rules set within one household should be pretty much close if not the same in the other household.  Not only should you tell your child you love them, show them.  Its not always about what you can buy for them but spending that extra quality time is more important to them than a pair of Jordan's, sometimes the Jordan's are just a bonus.

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