Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoodies On The Hill

Last night I got the pleasure to watch part of the Hoodies on The Hill movement on PCNTV.  It was a group of Senators and State Representatives gathered together by State Representative Thaddeus Kirkland, D-Delaware, on the Capitol steps.  They came together to fight for Justice and Truth within the Trayvon Martin Case.  I think it is great how the country is coming together and fighting a worthy cause.  You know they say Guns don't kill people, people kill people.  Ok so what does that mean.  Because as far as I'm seeing it has been pretty easy for a person to get a gun and now with this "Stand Your Ground" Law it seems almost inevitable that senseless killings of innocent people will have to watch their murderers walk away because they claim self defense.  This Legislation needs to be revoked immediately until there is a complete defiance of what is considered a threat to one by another.  I mean lets say I'm standing there and a strange guy comes up on the side of me and because there have been some muggings going on in the neighborhood and all he is trying to do is walk past me, I have the right to shoot him because I feel in danger?  Or lets say I'm talking with a family member and we are in a debate over a card game do I have the right to shoot him because I feel my life is in dangered that if I say something he doesn't like he might jump over the table to hit me?  There are way too many lives being taken way to early because of stray bullets, drug bust gone wrong, and people taking things that don't belong to them already that this law would even be put into action.  I do not agree with this one bit. But I think it is great what Rep Kirkland is doing and just had to share.   Where do you all stand?

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