Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cracking down on welfare fraud: Is it hurting the innocent?

Cracking down on welfare fraud: Is it hurting the innocent?
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Breaking news, the government is finally realizing that they need to do something about the perpetrators on welfare.  Those are the able body's that collect welfare and don't need it.  They sit back and collect a free check, having child after child, smoking and drinking, getting their hair done but have their children looking a mess, may even get a part time job pretending to put their child in daycare to reap these free benefits.  This has bothered me for years and I have always voiced my opinion.  There are many citizens out here who are truly struggling and who could use programs such as child care assistance, food stamps, utility assistance, etc. Why is it that when we apply for any assistants, housing, or whatever that no one is taking into consideration that you may have a car note, you may have student loans.  I mean their are so many people out here cheating the system that if someone who is out here really trying to make things better for their families they get the short end of the stick.  I know people who have applied for child care assistance and both parents worked, went to school, and lived in the same household but because they weren't working enough hours were turned down.  How does that even make any sense, but yet I have also seen people who can't even get up on time to go to a government appointed course to stay on welfare and they still receive it somehow.  Boggling isn't it.

There should be a program implemented for the working class that works pay check to pay check, that are in school trying to better themselves, and meet certain income guidelines but at a reasonable rate for today's average hourly/salary wage.  There should also be a program implemented where you only have a certain time frame to be on welfare followed by finding employment and maintaining your bills.  There should be free financial seminars included within these classes so that people are aware of how to manage their money better and be more informed about the programs that are offered for those on fixed incomes that wish to purchase a home. 

Just had to throw my two cents in there, its possible that some of things may have already been implemented but I thought I would post this for my readers since I just read this article and get you to tell me what you think of this topic.

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