Monday, April 9, 2012

My sense of weekend accomplishment

I want to wish all of my readers a very Happy Resurrection Day/Easter.  Hope your weekend was relaxing and blessed.

Now that I got that out the way let me tell you about my weekend accomplishment.  I am a simple guy, I enjoy watching TV, hanging with friends and family, horse back riding, etc. by no means do i like doing yard work.  I bought my house in 2008 and there were these river rocks lined up on the side as some kind of border or mini retaining wall.  I had an idea that eventually I would use them for when I put a pond in my yard and make it like a Asian garden, needless to say I have yet to do so.  Apparently my kids and their friends thought it would be a good idea to keep throwing them throughout the yard, which makes it very hard to mow the lawn when trying to dodge river rocks.

So over the weekend I was determined that I would get a few things around the house complete.  I got my kids up and we started with the garage, taking out lawn furniture so we can later set it up in the back, sweeping up, restocking Christmas stuff, moving things around in a neat and orderly fashion, and putting out the trash.  This did not take much effort but they seemed to be very excited to help. 

The next step was to use one of their old power wheel cars that they use to race through the yard, that no longer runs on battery, and fill it up with all of the rocks that they have scattered about and bring them back to a designated section of the yard.  This took some effort as there were lots of rocks scattered about over days or weeks.  So luckily two of their friends stopped by to play, but I decided they helped scatter them so they want to play its time to help move the rocks back.  So we played a game to see who could grab the most rocks the fastest.  It was amazing how quickly they were moving about. 

Once we got that task complete, it was no time to to gather up all the thick twigs that fell from the trees from the hard winds a few days before.  This too didn't take much time. We finally got to move the patio furniture to the back yard and set it up neatly and finished our hard work with some pizza and lemonade and good music.  At least they did, I still had some inside work to complete.  But I was glad that we were able to do it together and get things completed.  Now on to the next project, just don't know where to start...

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