Friday, April 6, 2012

You got personality...

For those of you that have kids know that they can drive you crazy, make you smile, and appreciate being a parent everyday.  Well I am a father of 3 beautiful children; 2 sons and a daughter.  Ages range from 9 1/2, 8, and 2 1/2.  Their personalities are truly different.  For those of you that enjoy zodic signs we have two Leo's, a Pisces, a Gemini, and Virgo so there are a lot of personality within this household and a constant control struggle amongst my wife and I as we are both Leos.  Strange right!

My oldest son, first born, the apple of my eye enjoys learning a variety of things.  His passions include learning about science, math, pretending to be a business man like his dad, informing us of President Obama and his families birthday and location of birth, giving us the weather report, becoming a teacher/a vet/principal/& a rock star.  He has a great imagination and sees the world as it is and likes to explore the possibilities.

My middle child, the second boy, my adventures one enjoys everything there is about Sonic.  He has the game on Xbox360 as well as Nintendo 3DS, he has shirts with sonic, anytime we go to the store or he is with his grandparents he is always asking for a sonic toy.  He is now taking it a step further and watching sonic on youtube, he cracks me up.  He likes climbing trees, wrestling, pretending to know how to do karate, and playing kick ball with his friends.  He is very independent but tends to vert back to his dependant status, I think because he is no longer the baby...typical middle child syndrome.

My third child, the princess and lil diva of the family what can I say about daddies princess.  She loves all her dolls, wrestling with her brothers, having tea time, and watching her favorite movies such as the Muppet's and cats don't dance.  She is a girlie girl that loves shoes and changing her clothes throughout the day, but at the same time she has a tom boy side where she just wants to wrestle with her brothers and if you try taking her food your going to pull your arm back as a nub lol.  But she is the baby and thinks she runs the house, but not from daddies doing that's all mommy...ok maybe a little daddy but not really :)

Three very different personalities, but all very sweet and innocent.  They want to be all that they want to be and explore various options and my wife and I encourage every bit of it.  They are my three little angels and we love them dearly what more could a father ask for....

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