Friday, April 13, 2012

Act Like A Woman Think Like A Man

Love, Love, Love this song.  Jennifer Hudson, NeYo and Rick Ross did their thang.  Jennifer Hudson looks amazing.  When I first seen her losing weight on the commercials I said man she is getting to skinny her head is going to look to big.  But she really looks great in this video.  I can remember when she first arrived on the American Idol scene with the eye liner trim round her lips and the bushy wig.  She has really blossomed. 

They performed this song on American Idol last night and were amazing everyone was so happy to see her.  She is an amazing women to be able to keep moving after what happened to her family.  I can't imagine what she is going though especially since she may have to testify within the case.  So my hat goes off to her and I pray that she is able to get justice and her family can RIP fo

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