Monday, July 2, 2012

Man Law 101

Bathroom Etiquette--

- Most important rule, always have a stahl or urinal in between you and if not possible due to lack of or crowded bathroom, do your business and get out. 

- No need to grunt, moan, or hum. STFU and get out.   

- Wash ya damn hands especially if you took a dump.  I don't wanna see you handling food or touching something that I'm going to end up having to touch cause its at work or wherever.

- Do not talk on your phone, I don't want to listen to your conversation while I'm on the toilet I need to consentrate.  If you have to be on the phone text that person or wait til your done and call them in the hall.

- Please stop over flowing one trash ben with paper towels, there is always two or more nearby find it please.  Just cause you don't have to clean the bathroom doesn't mean you have to dirty it for someone else either.