Monday, April 16, 2012

Part 1 of 3: Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

Last nights Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 Reunion Part 1 of a 3 part series was amazing.  I can not wait to see the next two parts which part 2 will air this Thursday at 9pm est on Bravo.  They started out part 1 with discussing a little about Kandi's adult line Bedroom Kandi, Kims family life, Sheree's child support situation and Nene's haterism. 

Lets start by saying Sheree and Phaedra were going back and forth about how Phaedra didn't know what she was doing and they had to get another attorney to come in to counsel Phaedra, and how Sheree was late with the check.  Ok I don't even know why Sheree can't get over this because whether she is your friend or not no Attorney is going to file paper work on your behalf if you have not provided your retainer fee because then they are out of money and so is their firm.  She discussed with you your options, you didn't want to go that route and she gave you back your money and found you a new lawyer so that your friendship wouldn't end.  End of story!  The case is still in the same status so stop blaming Phaedra.

Nene and Kandi then began to get into a little discussion about how Nene has been acting like she is so above the other girls because they talk about sex and having sex parties and what not.  As you seen through the season's Nene has appeared at these parties with a stank attitude, so then why go.  You can show your support by calling and congratulating someone and if you don't feel comfortable about a situation take yourself out of that equation.  Point blank period.  But to go to someones event and not speak or even say good bye how was Kandi to know you were even there?  Like get over yourself, your not above anyone.  Don't let this knew found fame and your sugar daddy make your head so big.  I actually started to like the new Nene but then she converted to this Hater.  Its good to be able to buy this that and the other but when you start looking down on other people in a way it looks as though you don't want to see others do well, which is not a good look.

But the floor began to rumble when Sheree took a cheap shot at Nene about how her son Bryson was shop lifting at Walmart.  I did not agree with that one bit.  You should never bring someones kids into an argument because people will kill over their child.  I did however agree with Nene and her tough love when she advised her son that he would have to sit in jail til she was ready to get him so he could think about what he has done.  I think it is a problem in society now a days where too many parents are always running to clean up their kids mistakes, if you do that how do you expect them to learn.  I was kind of scared for Sheree because Nene looked like she was about to jump across the room and thrash her too pieces.  Don't get me wrong I think Sheree can probably handle Nene but in that point and time Nene seemed to see nothing but Red.

Now what cracked me up about this episode of the reunion was the fact that Cynthia had to chime in every step of the way like she was some kind of host or something.  Shut up and sit back wasn't no one talking to you.  All of sudden she has this back bone because all season she has been flip flopping when around and away from Nene and I hate that.  If your going to say something you should be able to say the same thing to that person to their face, which is why I like Kandi.

Kim and Nene had a little discussion about how they are tweeting about each other and what not.  Nene asked why she is on her timeline but then in the same breathe she saying what Kim had on her timeline.  So you can look on hers but she isn't allowed to look on yours....

I am a lover of Reality Tv just like the next person because for some reason its like a train wreck that you just can not turn away from.  What I despise about these shows is the fact that you have several successful women that look great, take care of their kids, some have husbands that are in the children's lives and the only thing they can portray is hatred towards one another.  Why is it that you can not applaud each other from doing great things.  And if someone is giving you criticism don't jump to the assumption all the time that they are putting you down, some people are generally trying to help you out. 

I guess it is just for the ratings and to see who can grab a spin off show or what not, but all I do know is I can not wait until this Thursday to catch part 2 of this reunion because it will be even juicer than the first.  Stay tuned...

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