Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pet Peeves...Talking Loud On The Bus

The other day I happened to catch the bus and I'm sitting there minding my business, all of a sudden this girl gets on the bus talking louder than louder on a cell phone.  Talking about her baby daddy went to his other baby's mom's house and how they ended up sleeping together and she called her to gloat because they fell out, I don't know it was all over the place.  But then she went into talking about how she was ready to beat her ass and can't wait to see her cause she can show her better than she can tell her. 

I'm just sitting there like really why are you blasting all of your business loud as ever on the bus.  I mean I thought it was funny at first but I'm like I really don't care what you going to do, fen to do, and who your going to do it to.  Just how you told her your about to get off of the bus and you will call her back, you should have told her your getting on the bus and you would call her back.  I get that some people don't care but just because you don't care you should still have some respect for others especially in a public place.  There were elderly people and I think 1 child on the bus at least if your going to be loud try filtering some of what you say.

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