Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Deion "Primetime" Sanders Estranged Wife Arrested

I just read that on Monday Pilar Sanders has been arrested for assault on Deion Sanders in their Texas Home.  Reports say that Deion had filed for divorce in December and neither one will leave the home till a Judge has ordered.  Pilar apparently barged into his room and jumped him with a friend in front of their children.  She was arrested Monday and booked into Collin County Jail on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.   Deion Sanders tweeted Monday that his children "just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room."

I am so glad he is pressing charges because there is too much violence going on and too many cases where the man is going to jail for hitting a woman, or women calling the cops under false pretences saying he hit her or threatened her.  You don't hear men coming forward pressing charges, why because we are to be this powerful being and we are stronger than they are...That's bull, violence is violence and no one should have to go through any kind of abuse whether is verbal, mental, physical, emotional or spiritual.  If you feel the need to put your hands on someone then it is time to walk away. 

We see too many times where domestic abuse occurs and the person says I'm sorry it won't happen again, but yet less than a week or maybe more your getting hit again because you disrespect them in front of their friends, or didn't pick them up from work on time, or didn't answer your phone fast enough.  By this point that person is afraid for their life and doesn't want to piss them off any more and so now they are stuck.  Get out while you can because losing your life because some idiot can't keep their hands off you is not worth it.  You feel as though they are the provider and you can't make it, bull, because you can and you will make it.  Call family members, there are shelters that will help you to get on your feet, get on welfare if you need to til your at a point of financial stability, you don't need to put yourself nor if you have kids through this kind of abuse.

I have included a few websites below for support against domestic violence for both men and women feel free to view if you or someone you know has been abused.






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