Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Endangering the welfare of a child

Here we go again...In Pennsylvania, Washington County, a 3 year old boy was found wandering about throughout the mall on the escalators and at one point near traffic.  The mother Monica Moskal  and her boyfriend David Weaver gathered the child up decided it was time to go when police were called, stating she was looking for her child and he was never unattended or in any danger. 

Then why leave?  Leaving the scene only makes you look guiltier.  I don't understand how a person that has lost their 3 year old child in the mall is walking around calm.  Why didn't you call mall security to help find him?  It took shoppers at the mall to notify security of this mishap, its a shame.  I know sometimes your walking around the mall shopping and you take your eye off of the kids for just a moment and they begin to wander, but it is up to you to be alert of your child and catch them before they go too far.  There are several things you can do to decrease the possibilities of this ever happening such as hold their hand the entire time, carry them the entire time, use a leash (which I this is degrading but some parents use them), or teach them to stay by your side at all times.  There are way too many accounts of child abduction occurring in the world that this could have easily became a tragedy.  I am glad things worked out, but all I'm saying is if you can't watch your kids while at the mall then find a babysitter or wait to go to the mall when they are at school or daycare, police won't have to be called and CYF doesn't have to be involved.

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