Friday, April 13, 2012

Climax: Usher

Yes, yes, yes Usher is back.  I was wondering when we would get another great hit from Usher since Confessions.  Climax is my new jam.  I like to listen to the lyrics to see where the song is going first, then watch the video, versus trying to sing the song before knowing it.  Usher did an amazing job with portraying both.  In the song as I was listening it sounds as if him and his girl have had ups and downs and are at their breaking points where their bad seems to be out weighing the good, hence Climax.  He doesn't want it to be over and wants to see her one more time but it is hard.  I can relate to this song as I have had instances within my relationships where I didn't want it to end but I knew it had to.  But I have had relationships, like now that are worth fighting for til your last breathe because the good does out weigh the bad in most relationships.

Now as you watch the video you get the same perception which I think is amazing but then it comes to a nail biting turn when it looks as though he had enough and decide to kill himself within her house or kill each other but at the end he actually decides its not worth it and drives away.  Amazing.  I mean this type of situation occurs thousands of times where a spouse says you might think we are done but we aren't If I can't have you then no one can.  Its just not worth losing your life or taking another life because you can't let go, sometimes the hardest things are the best things to do, just walk away. 

I am a stickler that if you feel you have to raise your hand and strike your spouse to get your point across, or take that person's life because you can't take the truth that its over or that you have a problem then before it goes that far it is time to just walk away.  So I urge each and everyone of you men and women if you have to strike then that's not your life.  Its time to move on and hang on to the good memories no need to add to the bad ones. 

But again, great video Usher keep giving us great music.

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