Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Recap of Last Nights Bad Girls Club

OMG, last nights episode of BGC was freaking crazy.  It began with recapping when they got rid of the weakest bad girl ever, Christine.  Mimi begins to get paranoid thinking that could have been her when she left, or what if that happens if I decide to leave again or if they decide to turn on me...So she starts drinking heavily and ranting about how no one cares about her.  She later gets so waisted that she spits up all over the room and apparently it smells because Elease decides to move out of the room for a while.  She bunks with the new girl Camile, who begins to think they are now BFF's but Elease has her eyes open on her. 

Later that evening after a night filled with the club, as usual lol, the girls get back a few go to sleep but Amy and Camile decide to stay up and take a shower together and it got a little frisky.  But apparently Amy couldn't get out of the shower and grab her own towel which was less than 2 feet away and got an attitude with Camile.  Then all hell broke lose she got out the shower tried to charge Camile and Camile gave it to her and pulled some of her tracks out.  They apologized the next day and Elease and Mimi made up, but not for long...

Camile later falls out with Elease because she and the other girls began ignoring her at a fun day at the zip lines.  So Camile took it upon herself to move Elease mattress from her room back to the VIP room so the other girls jumped in and moved Camiles bed to the pool.  Thats when the 2nd brawl of the century in the bad girls club house begins.  I think they may have met their match cause Camile aint no joke, she is taking on the entire house, but security is holding them all back but she got some hits in.  I don't understand if your so bad why is there like 5 against one.  They all did that to Elease, the twins even though they deserved it, and even Christine.  You ever notice no one ever really goes after Venetia?  she is the ring leader to pretty much every issue in the house and they don't see it.  I can not wait to see the show next week because the fight will continue for the finale see you there.

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