Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Man accused of teaching toddler how to break up marijuana buds

My mouth hit the floor when I read this story.  This guy from Mercer County, Pa had the gull to record himself instructing a 2-year old how to break up marijuana buds he was about to sell.  Who in their right mind does some bull like this.  First off all your endangering the welfare of the child because what if he decided to put it in his mouth.  Secondly, what if the police would have been watching your home, because the report also stated he had drug related text messages, and they would have raided it with the child there.  The police don't know who the boy is, so is this someones boyfriend, brother, cousin, friend babysitting this child.  Ladies when are you going to wake up and learn that you can't have everyone watching or being around your children.  I have said it time and time again stop jumping into these relationships and allowing these men to meet your kids so soon.  Set rules if you are having someone babysit your kids that there is to be no drugs what so ever and no sexual activities when in the care of your children.   I don't know what else to tell you, I'm getting madder by the second thinking about how reckless this person is.

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Man accused of teaching toddler how to break up marijuana buds

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