Wednesday, April 18, 2012

6 Year old Girl Arrested in Georgia

As I was driving to work this morning I was listening to the Rickey Smiley Morning Show on 100.1FM wamo or 660AM  and they were discussing about this 6 year old girl that was arrested in Milledgeville, Ga at Creekside Elementary School yesterday.  Apparently the child was arrested for throwing a temper tantrum in the class room by pulling things off the walls and knocking over furniture.  She was sent to the principals office and knocked a shelf off the wall injuring the principal, at which time police were called in to help restrain the student.  Because they couldn't calm the student they put her in handcuffs, took her to the police station, and placed her in a holding cell.  She was charged with simple assault, damage of property and suspended til August.  People began calling in voicing their opinions about how they felt the child was too young, why didn't they just restrain her and take her to or call in a therapist to evaluate her, what else are you suppose to do when teachers are being harmed, etc.

My view on this entire thing is...Was she too young to be placed in handcuffs for disrupting and acting a fool, no because she is destroying school property and causing a dangerous environment for the staff and other students.  They needed to restrain her so that she is not a harm to herself or others.

Do I think she should have been taken to the police station and put in a holding cell, no I think that was a little too far.  I think she should have been evaluated by a therapist to find out what was going on that caused her to act out like that.  I think her parents at that time should have been called in and put on a warning, I also think she should have been suspended but not til August, I think they should have gave them a timeline to have a therapist evaluate whats going on and given a written recommendation of whether she is ready to come back to school or needs to transfer to a school that could handle her needs.

What we all have to understand is children of today can careless if you call home, if you suspend them, if you send them to the principals office nothing.  why, because there is no real discipline at home no laws in schools for students so what are they going to be scared of.  I mean had the teacher tried restraining that child and if needed to put more pressure to hold her and left a mark then the school would have been at fault.  Had the teacher grabbed her a certain way it would have possibly been misconstrued as inappropriate touching.  I am shocked that she was charged with simple assault, it seems to be hard for teachers to get any justice with these disruptive students.  Teachers have been underpaid, under appreciated, and overworked.  I can remember my teacher use to buy class supplies out of her own money.
There are so many laws that state corporate punishment is forbidden...why! I got probably 2 or 3 whooping in my life and I turned out great, never been arrested and never in trouble with the law.  I don't curse in front of my mother, well I can count on one hand how many times she has heard me curse because I was very upset.  Punishment doesn't work always, sending them to the corner definitely doesn't work, time out doesn't work.  Now I am not saying kick your kids behind like they were someone on the street, I'm not saying you have to beat them with a belt, I'm not even saying send them out to get a switch.  All I am saying is a little tough love, rules at home, and discipline from time to time when the punishment calls for it doesn't hurt.

What are your thoughts on  this story or about disciplining your child?  What are some of your methods of discipline?

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