Tuesday, April 10, 2012

George Zimmerman's attorneys withdraw from Trayvon Martin case

George Zimmerman's attorneys withdraw from Trayvon Martin case

After reading this article on MSN I think this is crazy.  First they decide not to use a grand jury now this.  I think this is another staling tactic of some sorts on Zimmerman's part.  I think his lawyers got tired of him doing the opposite of what they advised and they are just fed up that they decided to walk away.  It says they haven't talked to him in two days and have only spoken with him on the phone.  The judge needs to put a stop to this and just put Zimmerman behind bars until further notice, because he is either going to try and flea, or this case is going to continue being pushed back.  I just want this case to be done and over with but done correctly.  In my opinion I think there was a struggle and Trayvon Did strike Zimmerman but I think Trayvon was the one who was provoked and when Zimmerman felt he was getting his behind handed to  him by a 17 year old he took his gun out and shot him like the coward he is. 

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