Saturday, April 7, 2012

Khloe and Lamar: Petition to stay together

I am usually up to date with my reality stars, but for some reason I must have broke my tv and neglecting my twitter because I completely missed the rumors that Khloe and Lamar Odom were getting a divorce.  I have seen many reality show relationships come and go, but the Odoms relationships seem to be the real deal.  Khloe has always been my Favorite Kardashian because she has always been very grounded and doesn't let her mother walk all over her or her siblings, she even takes up for Bruce from time to time. 

I love how Khloe pampers Lamar by keeping things spicy in the bedroom, being where he needs her to be, and cooking and cleaning for him while still maintaining her Independence and working with the family branding.  I love how Lamar looks at Khloe like there is no other and how he embraces the fact that she is family oriented and isn't intimidated by it.  Which when I heard that they may possibly be getting a divorce it shocked me.  I can understand that with the lock out then later being traded from LA to Dallas that things could get strenuous, for anyone but as long as you have each other backing each other up you can do anything.

I think they should stay together, although I do not want to see this happen, but perhaps take a break from the reality tv to get things in order at home and if your ready come back with the show.  Do not let rumors or the constant chatter from the paparazzi cloud your judgement.  I believe you are meant to be together as do most of the world .

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