Friday, April 13, 2012

Boyfriend by Justin Bieber

I just heard this new song on the radio called If I was your boyfriend.  I am going to be honest, I seriously thought this was a Mindless Behavior Song, But it was Justin Bieber.  Yoooooo Bieber really did his thang on this song.  I mean he has a little whisper rap going on then jumps into the singing.  Ok Bieber you are really coming into your own.  I really enjoyed this song, I had to blast it riding home from work then I downloaded it to my mp3 player on my phone.  I am sorry I am a grown man but Bieber has swag now.  Keep great music like this coming Bieber, Usher and Tre Songz Watch out I think Bieber bout to take ya ladies!  And for you Timberlake fans I think the Bieber just brought the sexy back yea!

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