Monday, October 1, 2012

Love Poems - Your Essence by Nancy Ness

Love Poems - Your Essence by Nancy Ness

This is a beautiful the link above in red.

It states that the poem is about that To love one another from afar is to engrave each other's essence within our hearts.  Occasionally, love may endure separation - But, unfortunately it's rare. Most of us have had this experience at some time in our lives, and we've grown from it.

For me, after reading the poem before learning what its true purpose was, I assumed the writer was saying:

I have admired you from afar.  Longing for you, getting a faint scent of your essence.  The closer I get embarks a new journey.  An exciting awakening of new heights that just one look from you is enough, but the touch of you still remains a mystery and I wait for the moment to be wrapped in your essence of beauty.

I hope you enjoy this poem by Nancy Ness as much as I did.