Monday, April 30, 2012

Seeing Results

I have never really been one that was big on exercising, but I admit in my own little way I have been active.  I can remember when I was younger I use to ride my bike everywhere, lift weights here and there, ran track in elementary school and ran cross country in middle school, then in high school instead of me signing up for football I just worked out with the team during the summer.  Once I turned 16, got my license and bought a car few months before my 17th birthday I haven't seen a bike or a track.

Over the years I began gaining sympathy weight when my wife had the kids, I became a couch potato and any time I had to run to catch the bus I was extremely out of breathe running short distances and I can even remember a few months ago trying to bend over in my chair to tie my shoe and getting winded, but no more....I have been attending a gym here and there for the past few months and I have noticed my stomach is shrinking and today when I had to make a dash to catch the bus I noticed that once I reached the bus I was not as much out of breathe as before and I wasn't sweating and my heart wasn't trying to beat out my chest.  This was a proud moment for me because having 3 kids and not having the energy to play with them starts messing with your head.  So I plan on continuing with the exercise and will be getting some vitamins to help with my diet considering I don't like vegetables.  So stay tuned I plan on posting a before and after picture once I have reached my ideal size.  Its not really the weight its being able to bend over to tie my shoe, run with the kids, being healthy, and looking good doing it.

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