Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stay away from my kids and family...J Lo Says

Did you all hear that Jennifer Lopez rented out Marine Beach on Saturday, forking over $925 to the city of Long Beach?  She had her kids, some family members, boyfriend Casper Smart, and few friends.  She had the city line the beach and gate it off so as to no one being able to cross and disturb them.

I have to laugh at this for just  a moment because you are blocking off the beach to keep rift rafts away from your family and kids but yet you have this new guy in your life hanging with your kids.  Now I like J Lo, she is a hustler, and even though she can't really sing I like some of her songs.  But come on Jenny from the block.  You have kids now, you have to be cautious of who you let meet them and who you let into their lives.  I am so sick and tired of seeing women jump in and out of these different relationships and letting these men meet their kids way to soon.  The person that gets hurt is the kids because they see men coming and going and there isn't a solid GOOD male figure in their life which causes them to do off the wall things.  I know Marc Anthony is in their life and I am glad because they have their father, I am glad that you think you may have found someone that treats you great, but I am not glad that you have introduce them to a new guy.  If it is not a serious relationship and you don't see marrying this person or it hasn't been a year or two I don't think you should ever offer a person the chance to enter a child's life.

And ladies just because you have the money doesn't mean you need to be co signing and/or purchasing men these lavish presents like a new car or Rolex watch.  I mean if he is not your husband or you haven't been together for more than a year why spend that kind of money on him I am sure he hasn't spent that on you.  You can't buy love but you can buy time, think about it...

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