Monday, October 6, 2014

Love in disguise

Love overboard, sos, can anyone help this falling soul. 
Destined to be alone, could this be the life that was given.  
The enemy lurking at every turn. How much more can one take.
Fighting them off with a rusty sword like prince charming in once upon a time. 
But this life is far from a fairy tale. Wishing for a happy ending but reflection from this mirror portrays a villain. 
Breaking down these walls only to leave one big hole. looking in from the other side wishing to be in. Hidden from the pain of this hail cloud following me along my days. 
Remembering the good days and praying they out way the bad. So I try to sleep on it, but my heart racing while my mind running wild.
 Think happy thoughts I whisper. Until I feel that sun light shine upon my face, I shall be hidden from them piercing rays of confliction to move through this earth invisible, unwanted, and subdued.
 Only to reach out for my father who has been by my side always is now In front of me pulling me to safety from this sea of my own inhibitions. Amen!

saying sorry, signed a fallen soul.

Wish I could turn back the hands of time, to the day that I made u cry.
I would hold u in my arms so that u could feel the love that I have for u. And slay the enemy with one single swing.

I would shield u from the pain and misery that I bestowed upon your heart. Words could never express how sorry I am for burdening your mind,causing u to have to question my every move.

replaying my actions and reconsidering my words, wish things had happened different.
I guess what they say is true you don't realize what you have til it's gone.

How I give anything to have you next to me or at least hear your voice. A simple hi how you doing will do just to know your alright. you see nothing hurts more than your silence and that look of disappointment that u gave.

I never meant to hurt u, I guess after being hurt so many times myself it was my subconscious shielding me from being hurt first.  I never ever meant for anyone to ever feel how I felt and I will hate myself for sometime.

Taking a long look in the mirror reflecting on my past present and future. No matter how far I've come, came and going I still see u there as my love, my friend, and my lover.

i will always love u and be here when u call. And all i can say is I hope u see fit to forgive this fallen soul.