Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Keep your kids Safe Trust no one

I am sitting here watching the news and low and behold another dumb parent making excuses for a boyfriend who put her 3year old daughter in a tub filled with scolding hot .water.  The lil girl said he put her in the tub because she lost her sock...Are you fucking kidding me right now.  I can't stand hearing about kids being abused by the boyfriends.  I have said for years if government want to get involved in everything else people need to go through parenting classes before they are allowed to get pregnant.  so many people out here that can not have kids that would show that child so much love are suffering because they can't get pregnant but yet these sorry excuse for humans are out here sleeping with tom dick and harry getting knocked up and not know who their babies father really is.  You have to pay attention to your children and pay attention to your surroundings and be careful who you let into your life especially into your childs life.  Too many people out here are jumping in and out of relationships faster than I can change my underwear and they are introducing their kids to these people, why!!!!  no one gets effected more than the children.  I have 3 kids of my own and I am cautious of even letting them go to their grandparents houses for the weekend.  Sometimes I even stay the night with them.  I have a big family and my kids have never stayed at a friends house, cousins house, aunt or uncle.  Why because I don't trust anyone but myself with the safety of my children. 

I just had to share my frustration with you all, just keep your kids safe and be careful who you let around them and build a relationship with them that lets them know that they can tell you anything and always tell them you love them because tomorrow is never promised to us.

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