Thursday, March 22, 2012

Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

On my way to work I was able to catch one of my favorite morning radio stations on IHeartRadio, the Steve Harvey Morning Show.  So they had the Strawberry Letter segment of the show and this woman is talking about she has been in this relationship and how her man proposed to her and all she could say was "your not ready for me" now its 12 years into the relationship and she is now ready but scared to ask him.  She also goes into saying she knows he is probably also seeing other people and they are together every now and then.  As well as her friends and family are blaming her for this relationship not going no where.

Ok ladies, why do you all play these games.  It is hard enough for us as men to open our hearts and show our feelings and when we do you ladies just walk all over it like its nothing.  You say you want a good man and when you get one your so scared of what could be that you go off and find the first "rough neck" that doesn't give a crap about you then your wishing you could get back with your ex who has probably already moved on. 

Regarding this woman from the letter, I think she should set aside her fear and just sit the man down and casually go over the subject and ask, "hey where are we at this point, do you think we can still make it, are you still thinking about marriage and a family, do you think I can make you happy, why did you decide to ask me to marry you, how do you feel about how I declined your first try"  I mean anything to get the communication flowing.  Ladies we are not mind readers and if you tell us one thing but yet mean another how are we suppose to know, stop playing these games.  Communication is key in any relationship, without it you are just a leaf blowing in the wind.

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