Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games

Hunger Games Opening night was huge, at least it was here in Pittsburgh.  I was able to attend opening night with a few friends, we caught the 12:06 am showing at Lowes and it was packed.  I arrived at 11:30pm Thursday night just to try and get a good seat and I still had to sit all the way up front.  There were so many teens, adults and even pre teens in this theater.  Which Didn't surprise me to find out that Hunger Games brought in a whopping $68.3Million opening night.  It takes fifth place as both the biggest-ever opening day and single day, in both instances pushing past The Dark Knight.

This movie was very tastefully done.  There are 12 districts that a name is pulled from in order to pick a male and female from each district so that they may fight in the annual Hunger Games.  There is romance, action, suspense, drama, a little sci fi all rolled up into this movie.  There are some veterans as well as rookies casted within this film.  I think it is a great movie to go see, I can't really go into detail about why you should go see it without giving away the movie unless you read the book then you would understand  Unfortunately, I was one of the ones that didn't read it, but just take my advice and go see it ASAP.  you won't be disappointed!

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