Saturday, March 24, 2012

Braxton Sisters

I just listened to Tamar Braxton-Herbert single The Heart in Me and Trina Braxton's Party or Go Home.  I liked both singles.  Sounds like Tamar has a stronger voice but Trina gives off that sex appeal.  Looking good on your  cover Trina.  If you haven't heard them yet I think you better go get em.

I don't know if you all watch the Braxton's on WeTv but I love this show.  It takes you on a journey of the girls all coming into their own with their other sisters Traci and Toni, their ups and downs within their relationships and the love they have for their mom and dad who I think are just great.  I am glad to see some positivity on tv even with that crazy Tamar and her crazy sayings.  The Braxton's at 9pm est on Thursday nights now thats

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