Monday, March 26, 2012

Ice Loves Coco...

I have to say that I love "Ice Loves Coco", this show is awesome.  I feel like their relationship is amazing and sort of reminds me of my wife and I's relationship when we first got married, but it seems to be getting back there.  This week they were in Miami and a friend of Ice's shows up unannounced.  He says he is there promoting things here and there, but he ended up every where they were.  Ice finally talks to him because Coco thought it would be just them on a relaxing getaway.  They go fishing and catch the biggest fish Coco has seen and this was only her second time fishing.  The first time she caught a big fish Ice accidentally deleted the picture so he made it possible to recapture her moment.  I think that was great, that is what marriage is all about...making the one you love happy and enjoying that happiness together.  Ice T and Coco I commend you for sharing parts of your life with us and I respect the two of you tremendously and Ice just have to say that Law and Order SVU is my favorite I can't really get into the other ones like I do with this one.  Keep up the great work and stay true to each other.

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