Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bad Girls Club...OMMFG

LMAO yoooooooooooo OMMFG. Tonight's episode of  The bad girls club Vegas was the shit.  I have been waiting for this moment from the time that they walked into the bad girls club house.  These twins Dani and Gabi have walked around this house from day one like they owned it.  They were able to get one girl out then when Elise walks in they tried so hard to get her out but she didn't break.  But tonight the tables turned and they got pushed out the bad girls club house and Mimi returned, but not before Mimi was able to get her revenge for the broken Mars Neckless.  I thought it was so funny that the last episode that the twins tried talking to the producers about how they felt scared because now there were 4 against 2 but the entire time they were there it was 5 against 1.  I had to bust out laughing when the producer said oh now your getting a dose of your own medicine you can't take it.  So fucking epic!!!

But unfortunately Erica's boyfriend was being an ass and wanted to leave, not sure if she is through with him though.  And dude thought he was like diesel or something when they was about to get it on but he looked like he had a damn C-section wtf was up with his stomach though.  Your better off without him Erica find someone that don't play kids games cause he playing you right now.

Ok back to the epidemic of the show.  So the girls decide tonight is the night to get these twis and they throw all their food in the pool and in th.e yard, break their Vases, etc. so the twins come home sees what they did and they start helping out and throwing the other girls stuff out too.  One twin thought it would be a good idea to go upstairs by herself and throw trash in the girls room and then had the nerve to try and throw a trash can at Gia, man she jumped off that bed so fast and started whaling on that girl. then the other girls jumped in and was like "where's your sister at now bitch" ctfu.  then the other twin comes in and tries to get in it and they get her too then security finally comes in to break it up.  These girls are bleeding and scratched up they go crying to their dad talking about dad these 5 girls just jumped us tell us what we are suppose to do.  Really...Your dad is the one that pumped yaw up and was high fiving yaw through the phone when you jumped Elise, now you wanna cry cause you got yours.  What goes around comes around, and like I said in a previous post I am not for violence but sometimes your get pushed to that point from people like this.

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