Monday, March 26, 2012

Tonights Recap of Basketball Wives

Ok so we pick up this weeks episode of Basketball Wives from Shaunie's birthday party diner when Shaunie is getting up and escorting Evelyn outside because she seems to be provoked by Jennifer's comment about being respectful.  Stop Right there what you mean that comment is direct towards you Evelyn, you damn right it was after you just sat there and did a shitty toast about loyalty that was definitely geared towards Jenn.  That girl ain't worried about you, she doesn't bring your name up unless someone else does first. But its like you are so miserable and hurt by whatever, because from my perception the blog wasn't that bad even though if that's your girl it shouldn't have been said.  But your willing to ruin your friends diner because of your beef with someone in your point of view is a Non Mother Fucking Factor right....Evelyn needs some anger management and slow her roll on that wine and liquor cause she crazy.  I mean she fell out with Royce, Tami, Gloria, Jenn and now Kenya is about to be in the hot seat.

Now jumping ahead, this thing with the new girls...Kenya and Kesha...Why!!! Like really yaw are really trying to get ya air time now right.  Kenya, now you know Kesha is not a fighter so you going to act tough but just a minute ago when you was the target of the girls wrath you wasn't kicking off your shoes ready to throw blows.  Everyone can see that you are trying way to hard to try and be apart of this circle which I do not understand why because all they do is fight and argue.  Although it is all amusing and great tv these women are way too old to be acting like this. 

And what is up with Suzie this season, she back in the circle and acting and damn fool.  Like you was gossiping then and now you trying to be tough because you back.  You are so lucky Tami didn't smack da shit out you when made that food stamp comment, somebody needs to slap some sense into her.  I am not one for violence but damn it some people need it.

But I just can not wait til the next episode when the tables turn for Kenya because she is acting like another whats her name Meesha that couldn't remember what she said how she said it and when she said it.  Kenya you bout to be moved right out the show already and you haven't been on 5episodes yet. Now she is Ratchet!!!

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