Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LaLa's Full Court

Now this is what I am talking about; I love a positive, sophisticated, well rounded (mental/physical), uplifting women.  LaLa is a great wife, friend, and mother.  There is so much to say about Lala and the way that she treats her friends and family. 

This episode she had to figure out how she was going to be able to attend her best friend Kelly Rowland's birthday party and walk in the red dress fashion show.  She couldn't disappoint her friend and she didn't want to not do something that she has been wanting to do for a long time.  So she made it possible to do both, but it wouldn't be Lala if she didn't pull a prank.  She tells Kelly she won't be able to attend her party because she is too busy and can't get away.  So she decides to surprise her at the restaurant where she scheduled a birthday diner, but Kelly canceled it because she didn't think she was coming.  What does La do, she heads over to where Kelly is and still surprises her and treats her out to eat.  Now that is friendship.  They all got along at diner, there were no glasses being thrown and no one screaming acting a fool.  Although we as Americans seem to feed off of other peoples drama an occasional show like LaLa's full court that shows positiveness amongst women and their families is much needed, so I appreciate you sharing your world with us LaLa.

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