Thursday, March 27, 2014

Realty Stars Need A Reality Check...

I don't know about you, but I for one love to love my reality television.  But when the reality tv stars begin feeling themselves a little too much, I have a problem with it.  I have been watching RHOA, and have you notice how NeNe has been trying to flex on all the girls like she is the top dog of the show?  She pissed me off when she was talking about Kandi's production and how she just got off this big name producer....And Soooo...Didn't your show get canceled and aren't you a guest on Glee, but how often do you appear?  See you should have jumped off your high horse and got on Kandi's train because everything she has touch thus far has become very successful.  Not to mention some of the names that have been dropped that will be cast in the play, you had to be a damn fool.  Like they say "What he giveth he can taketh away."  and you should be a shamed of yourself for how you have been behaving.  When RHOA first hit the scene I didn't like Nene because I thought she was a bully to Kim then last season when all things were falling into her lap she became likable, but now I am on the fence.  I think she has a lot of potential to go places but she is not a great actress, but first she must humble herself once again and instead of hating on the rest perhaps work with them.

And what was up with Cynthia sitting there allowing NeNe to call her husband out his name...I wouldn't have been with that, she is just too disrespectful.  I for one am tired of Kenya always trying to cause trouble for Phaedra and Apolo but I am also tired of him being so childish and naive thinking that his friendship with Kenya is more important than that of his families.  Its a matter of time before Phaedra gets tired of him and divorces his butt and you know she a lawyer so I'm sure that prenuptial agreement is lock and sealed.  Well lets keep watching because I know its only going to get better!!!

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