Monday, June 18, 2012

Last night recap of Keeping up with the Kardashians

I don't know about you all, but last nights episode has been a hard one to watch; Kris running into her ex of whom she had the affair with when married to Robert Kardashian, and Scott being emasculated once again by Kourtney. 

Lets begin with Scott and Kourtney.  Over the course of the seasons we have seen Scott go from party animal to a more laid back Scott where he is trying to show Kourtney that he is willing to change for her in order to be with her and his kids.  But, she is not able to see the fact that Scott is dying for attention from her and wanting to spend time with her and all she can see is his past actions and won't give him a break.  He nearly begged her in last nights episode to go out to diner with him, nothing big and fancy just diner.  She pawns him off to Kim and when she see's he is having fun and going out with Kim and coming in late she has a conniption saying how she didn't want to sleep by herself in the house and he is out all night.  Ok you two don't sleep in the same room so why are you even going to check to see if he is in his room what are you a warden.  He asked you to go out to eat with him and you try blaming it on your pregnancy but you weren't pregnant a few  months prior so what was your excuse for not giving him any time.  I hate when relationships are like this when one is trying to control the other and they are not working as a team.  She better wake up real fast because if she doesn't Scott will find someone who does respect him and is attentive to his needs and caters to him for him.

Same issues going on in the Jenner household.  Kris is still not paying attention to Bruce, he is walking around the house moping and Kris is working all night and day.  Any man will feel some type of way, she needs to find a balance and learn to get back to reality.  So she runs into her ex who she had an affair with over 20 years ago and feelings seem to be coming back for them both.  She informs Bruce of this and he tells her point blank she shouldn't have anything to do with him even her daughters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney told her to stay away because she is playing with fire.  At the end of the show we see her driving somewhere and Kim and Rob are following her to see whats up, but they lost her on the freeway and then we got the To be continued...  I think this is completely inappropriate.  You ruined your relationship for this guy years ago and your daughters are still bitter about it, so now you think it is alright to possibly do the same thing.  Are you looking to be hated by your family all over again. I mean you were just crying because you saw how upset Kourtney was last episode now your going against everything you were just saying about how your hurt that your daughter is still upset.  Bull crap, get it together double K cause you won't be happy til your brand is completely shattered and your family isn't there to back you up because your playing with fire and you will get burned.

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