Monday, June 18, 2012

Best Fathers Day Ever!

Yesterday marked the reason of my existence.  Fathers Day.  I have 3 beautiful children ages ranging from 10, 8, and almost 3 which is why yesterday meant so much to me.  They have been my inspiration for waking up every morning and going to work, my inspiration for looking to my next steps, and my inspiration for being a better me.  For the past 3 years I have been taking time out for me on this day to go Horseback riding in Rolling Hills Ranch in Bridgeville, Pa.  The staff is extremely nice and patient with their riders and the horses.  It is so peaceful there and I am able to capture my thoughts and just for a hour or two I just feel free and able to see the world in a different light considering I live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh.  This year I was able to share this experience with both my son's and it was amazing.  They enjoyed every moment of it.  Later we got home and spent time watching television, eating ice cream with my boys and my little princess, then had a moment to sit on the porch and relax with the wind blowing and reading our books.  This by far has been the best Fathers Day ever.

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