Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exciting New Show #Chicagolicious

The new series Chicagolicious seems to be a hit thus far.  The show is about an upscale salon in Chicago called AJ's.  It is a spin off show to the hit series Jerseylicious and if you didn't get enough drama and excitement from Jerseylicious you will definitely receive over the top drama with Chicagolicious.  We have Aj who is the over the top owner with humor to match, Valincia the over the top natural hair extraordinaire who also has been with AJ's from the beginning with over 20 years experience and she also models.  Katrell, also a model, is one of the makeup artist and new to AJ's.  Austin a very down to earth makeup artist is also new to Aj's and she is the youngest growing up with all brothers she is trying to erase her tom boyish ways and live the glamorous life style.  MacCray who is originally from a small town in Virginia is making his presents known in Chicago.  Niki I have to say is one of my favorites thus far. She is the salon's manager and Aj's best friend/roommate she keeps him grounded and keeps the salon running in tip top shape.  Q, AJ's cousin and Director of Sales and Marketing is a firecracker and beauty to match.  Howard Howard Howard, what can we say about him but that he keeps me laughing.  He is the playboy of the salon hitting on any and everything but at times it can be a little too much which Niki keeps her eyes on him and trying to get him to bring his "customer service" level from a 10 down to around a 5.

Now that we have the intro of the cast down, lets talk about these first two episodes.  It appears that with Katrell being new to the salon that she would have to go through an initiation with the other girls, but it seems as though the only one giving her a hard time is Valincia...Could it be jealousy because a new sexy woman has arrived and she is younger and is also a model...I don't know but Valincia gets very heated when ever AJ seems to show Katrell any attention.  For instance this last episode Katrell was looking to move out of her one bedroom apartment that she was sharing with her ex boyfriend and AJ decided he would help her and give her the name of his realtor.  Later they find a great apartment within AJ building and Valincia nearly turned into the exorcist.  I don't understand the animosity considering Katrell is a makeup artist and Valincia is a hair stylist and has been there for years.  So if its not jealousy, why are you so worried about where she lives or does?

AJ has decided to go green, but not before telling a little lie to the Alderman that he was very green.  Niki jumped in and saved the day by hiring a green consultant that assist with the some of the changes like a low flow toilet and 100% recycled printer paper.  The Alderman and the green committee were very pleased that they offered AJ a chance to go to Washington to Represent the Alderman's ward.

If the rest of the shows were as heated. funny, and exciting as the first few episodes I can't wait to see whats in stored.  Stay tuned!

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