Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5 Steps to a healthy relationship

In today's society we have seen relationships come and go all because they have either lost site of each other or grew apart because needs have changed.  In the beginning we try so hard to try and make a connection that often times our best hand has been given away too soon that later in the relationship we have nothing more to offer and wind up losing.  It is important to try and find some kind of balance within the stages of your relationship so that your partner doesn't get bored or you can't think of anything else that will surprise them and send them to a top of overwhelming bliss. 

I decided to come up with 5 step goal that I am also working on within my own relationship.  I do however want to inform you all that these are my opinions, I am not nor am I claiming to be an expert I am just simply stating my opinion so take it as such.  I welcome comments and questions to all my post.

1.  Lets Communicate.  Communication is key to any healthy relationship, you must never go to bed angry as you will wake up with an even worst attitude.  Communicate any concerns that you have in the relationship, take time out of the day and just sit down and discuss your highs and low of the day.  Build a family meeting on certain days of the week just to have the family discuss any and everything with no judgement or repercussions.  Without communication how are you to know if your partner is happy or how is your partner to know why you are mad.

2.  All We Need Is Understanding.  There must be a level of understanding enacted within the relationship, no matter how much you disagree you have to see it from both sides in order to get an understanding of where your partner is coming from.  Truly listen to what it is that they are trying to tell you, relay what you think you heard to make sure you got it correct, think about it, describe your take on the situation, then provide a summary of how you feel it can be fixed or handled.

3.  Show Attentiveness.  Be thoughtful and show your partner some attention.  Observe their moods and try and be there for them according to that mood.  If they seem angry, approach cautiously and ask how are they, what is it that they need.  Understand that sometimes its just one of those days that they just need to let off some steam and may just need to be by themselves, let them be and eventually they will come around and tell you.  Its ok not to be able to fix every issue for your mate, but just letting them know that you are there and willing to help is just enough sometimes.

4.  Be Affectionate.  Often times people relate being affectionate with "sex" and that just is not the case.  It is one part of it, but there are many other ways to show affection within your relationship.  Welcome your partner home from a long day of work with a nice foot massage, have candles burning around an indoor picnic when your mate walks in the door and feed them.  Play a game of senses, where you blind fold your partner and have to trust them and your 5 senses.  No matter what be affectionate and have fun doing so.
5.  Maintain Spontaneity.  I have met many people over the years that I have found that do not like surprises or to take chances.  Those of you out there that feel the same way, I say bull!  The reason I say that is because life is about surprises and taking chances,  you take a chance when you get up in the morning to drive to work considering there is so many documented car accidents; you may enjoy the surprise when you walk into your yearly review and find out you got more of a bonus than expected.  So why can't you sit back and be spontaneous within your relationship.  Go in with an open mind and be free, I'm not saying wear your heart on your sleeve just maintain a healthy guard but be open minded.  Switch things up a bit with your sex life, social life, and work life.  Change is good, don't be afraid of it.

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