Thursday, June 7, 2012

A CSR's Worst Nightmare....

I called you yesterday and you didn’t seem to answer
I began to worry, so I called you within an hour later
Some lady answered finally and told me you were busy
What is it that you want from me, you told me to call you now you’re ducking and dodging me
All I wanted was to help you fulfill your destiny
I tried you again this evening and got a faint “stop calling!” was that meant for me?
So I decided to take a breathe and tried calling you again
I explained my reasoning; all you said to me was that you weren’t interested
That it was all a mistake and my call was just in vein
How could this be, me with out you is like you without me a brand new tragedy
I’m taking down notes as I update your status
I try not to take your tone so personal, but its kind of hard not to
Trying to find different ways to console you
I guess that’s what rejections are all about, just rolling with the punches
So I’m just going to leave you with a goodbye and a thank you
Thank you for your time and I wish the best for you
As I hang up the phone all I’m thinking bout is “onto the next one”
You win some and you lose some
 it’s all in how quickly you can recover
Rejection, a rejection, what is a rejection
“To refuse to accept, acknowledge, use, believe, etc.”
Oh well, its time to be optimistic and just roll with the punches
I hope the next call I make doesn’t lead to another rejection

(This poem was inspired by my job as a National Pre-Admissions Rep for a well known school; I hope you all enjoyed it)

By: Tracy Kelly Jr.
June 7, 2012

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