Friday, May 25, 2012

Is it too late

Is it ever too late to reconcile?  No, it is never too late to reconcile in a relationship if that is truly what you want to do.  However, do not get discouraged if the other party is not willing to.  Although it takes two to make a relationship, often times it is said that if too much time passes and that person feels as though the relationship is over there maybe no time to reconcile the relationship but the friendship maybe a second option.  I'm sure most of you are saying hmmm he just contradicted himself, no I did not.  It is never to late to reconcile, although  you may get back together and make things work, but it takes two to do so.  If the other party decides he/she is not ready or is not willing to put the pieces back together you can still reconcile the friendship and part way's as friends or at least on good terms.

There has been too many bad break ups within the world because one person is unable to let go so they feel acting out and causing a scene whenever they see you out with a new spouse that you will see they have moved on but it just shows that they haven't.  if you both comes to grips that things have changed and communicate that so that everyone is on the same page and things are civil, then your life will be that much easier.

But if and when both parties are willing to work things out and communicate where they feel the relationship has gone south, then the better you can work at those mistakes and improve your relationship so that it can go to the next level.

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