Monday, April 2, 2012

FBI have stepped in to investigate

The FBI have stepped in to investigate the MURDER of Trayvon Martin.  They were recently questioning several of the witnesses in this tragic shooting and have determined that it was not Zimmerman on the 911 audio screaming...Ok you brought in an expert to tell you what we all knew already.  Zimmerman is still claiming self defense for this "stand your ground" bull.  This kid has an ice tea and skittles what he do spray you with cold juice, gave you a taste of the rainbow.  Bull Shit.  He is clearly following this kid through the neighborhood and pulls out a unregistered gun on this young man and killed him cold bloodily point blank period.  Now the state of Florida wants to investigate why because you see the FBI are being called in and it looks as though your people didn't do their job.  I can't wait til this is all cleared up and those who need to be fired are just that.


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