Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women and Reality Tv

Have you ever noticed that there is a big pool of reality tv shows that are geared towards women tearing each other down?  I don't understand it, but like many Americans I can not turn the channel because they are not only ridiculous but very entertaining.  For instance I was just watching basketball wives and Tami got mad at Keisha because she went and told Evelyn that she felt offended by the racial comments that she made and because she didn't say it to you first, now you don't like her...Last I checked they are both grown women and the way I look at it is perhaps she was scared to confront Tami because of watching previous seasons you have been confrontational.  Do I understand both sides yes, Keisha should have told her how she felt right at that moment but at the same time she is grown and not everyone goes by Tami's Rule book. But I still love you Tami, your one of my favorites on the show.
I think there should be a turn of events and have guys on reality tv showing upcoming artist and what they are doing to prepare to make it big...or upcoming entrepreneurs, etc and just to throw some drama into the mix lets have a show like bad girls club but all guys and lets see who will survive to the end. 

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