Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Take on the Stars of Basketball Wives

Jennifer~  I think she can be cool once she finds herself.  With currently going through her divorce and now her friendship has ended with long time friend and co-star Evelyn that she is kind of lost, hurt, and confused.  I think it is great that she has a lip gloss line going which can help guide her into her own and much more success.  But I don't think she should break off ties with the rest of the ladies because Eveyln and she aren't friends.  I am glad she has been taking up for herself and not backing down.

Royce~ I love Royce.  She seems to be the same from day 1 of airing.  She has her beliefs and she doesn't take any lip from any of the girls and when she feels you are wrong she will voice it and if she is wrong is she woman enough to admit it.

Tami~ You gotta love Tami, she has come along way.  I am glad she has been going to therapy to try and help with her anger.  Cause I know had she not she probably would have jumped on one of the new girls by now.  She has been through a lot and I am glad she was able to share a piece of herself with us it gave insight to why she is always fighting.  But Tami take a few breathes and think before you speak because you can't always jump into attack mode when someone disagrees with you or says something you don't like.

Shauni~ I think she is a great business woman, a beautiful black woman, and a great mom; but...I think she is starting to act catty like the rest of the girls.  She isn't on the show as often but when she is she is gossiping. Now at her birthday diner when Evelyn and Jenn were arguing and Evelyn asked her if she was good and she said yea I didn't agree with. You should have said can yaw not do this now or whatever like that is your night not Evelyns. 

Evelyn~ At first I was a fan of hers then as time went on she was throwing more drinks at people to be able to sneak them cause they blind I was like that is a punk move right there.  Then I saw the episode with her dad and it was heart felt then more drama erupted between her and the other girls and I'm like let the little stuff go. Like this mess with Jenn, OK if she wrote a blog that was so bad about you that you stop being friends that should be the end of it.  Why is it that your so angry about it still that you can't be civil and ignore her when your in public if she is that much of a Non Mfin factor in your life now.  That little speech at Shauni's bday diner didn't need to happen.  You didn't seem worried about Jenn before the drinks started flowing....I think she needs to grow up and stop fighting and stop sweating the small stuff. If it bothers you that much about a blog then write a blog of your own about your views on the girl and let it go IJS

Suzie~  This girl is a hot mess.  I was pissed for Tami when she made that comment about their bank accounts thank Shaunie and how they all came up from things like food stamps right tami.  Like really, where that come from that was a low blow.  She needs to put them drinks down.  She pulled herself back up from being the underdog on the outside of the circle to now starting drama with the girls that are outside of the circle so the hot seat is off of her. She aint fooling no one, but now your on Tami's bad list so you better watch out.

Kenya~ She is a little cookie in the head and a little calculated.  Why she trying to get bout it with Kesha, she wasn't taking off her shoes when Tami or the other girls were calling her out.IJS.  But she seems like one of those ones that will shank you when you least expected she is not to be trusted.  I did however like her video that they finally made.  But there are still several episodes to go so maybe she will change my perception of her.

Kesha~ I am glad that she is not really falling too far into the girls trap of gossiping behind the others back and I am glad that she was able to share more about her background in the beginning of the season.  I am sure I wasn't the only one that thought she was a little quiet and snobbish at the beginning but now she seems down to earth and just a little reserved.  But only time will tell

All though some of the girls people will love to hate and others people just love, we wish all you ladies much success and happiness and we look forward to more seasons to come.

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