Saturday, March 24, 2012

Geraldo Rivera Blames Hoodie For Trayvon Martin's Death

In recent news this idiot Geraldo Rivera thought it was necessary to blame a Hoodie for the Death Of Trayvon Martin. Oh Really, STFU Geraldo.  Who gave you the right to even put your 2 cents in where it doesn't belong.  Who do you think you are to try and tell the black and Hispanic Community or any community for that matter what they can and can not wear?  So are you saying if I see a strange white man walking around my neighborhood in a suit that he deserves to die because I don't know if he is looking for drugs and that all white men shouldn't wear suits when walking on the streets or better yet lets say a trench coat because usually white guys who wear trench coats got a big gun underneath there....Its appalling to think a man with fam and followers that you would even think it would be a good idea to even say something like this.

He goes on to say
"Trayvon Martin, God bless him, an innocent kid, a wonderful kid, a box of Skittles in his hands. He didn't deserve to die. But I bet you money, if he didn't have that hoodie on, that nutty neighborhood watch guy wouldn't have responded in that violent and aggressive way," ~USA Today  He then goes on to say how he is always telling his son who is dark skinned to stop wearing hoodie's and why does he have to keep reminding minority parents of the dangers of being a minority kid in America.

First of all from what we have heard, this man had an unlicensed gun, he was apparently drunk or on drugs, and he called the police and was told to stop following Trayvon...Hmm interesting.  And this psycho is still on the lose and the police have the gull to put him under protective services.  Now had the tables turned the black young man would have been under the jail, probably beaten and I bet Geraldo wouldn't have had the same views that it was the hoodie that lead to his death.

Secondly, It shouldn't be a race thing we are in 2012 and I am so tired of it coming down to that, but there are so many close minded individuals that keep the race card alive.  I have many friends, Black, White, Asian, Indian, Mixed, Latin, etc.  I don't see race although I would be dumb to say that I don't see differences in the culture.  I am one that can adapt in any situation and have fun and be accepted by all. And to make a statement that every minority kid in baggy clothes or a hoodie is a hoodlum because that's what you see on the surveillance cameras when a 711 has been robbed.  Ok so then you are saying that it safe to say that every quiet white kid that has been bullied or doesn't feel loved is going to shoot up a school because that is what we always see on the news.  I mean really Geraldo think before you speak because you sound very ignorant.

I know many young kids and adults prefer a hoodie over a heavy coat.  I know if its cold out and your trying to keep your ears warm and you don't wear a hat you put on your hood to keep warm.  I know many coats have hoods on them.  I know that if I see someone strange in the neighborhood I am not going to follow them I am going to call the police lock my door and let the police handle it.  I thought i knew our police were here to serve and protect the public, so why wasn't Trayvon Protected.  Why is his killer still on the lose in protective custody at that.  I hope that Justice will prevail and Trayvon can RIP and his family can get some sign of relief that their son's murderer has been convicted.

You may watch footage of his discussion by clicking link below

Or if you want to read more about the USA Today article click the link below

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