Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Communicate, do you?

Do you communicate?  This should be a household topic by now.  Communication sometimes get lost amongst not only couples but parents, bosses, even pets.    We are so overwhelmed with what is affecting us that we don't stop to think about the ones around us.  When was the last time you told your spouse you love them, when was the last time you set aside time to read your child a book, when was the last time you told your team; great job, how about the last time you baby talked and rubbed your pet?  It is very important to set aside time to communicate with others because without them your in this world alone and it can be a scary place.

When upset with your spouse never go to bed angry because you will wake up pissed at the world and no one will win.  Voice your opinion at that moment and allow them to voice theirs.

If there is something you don't understand, ask a question.  There are no stupid questions, its important for you to understand rather having the wrong information or no info at all and attempting to do the wrong then which will eventually need to be done again.

Don't lie to your children, tell them the truth but in a way that they will understand.  Some kids know too much info that they shouldn't and others are to sheltered that they aren't ready for the outside world.  Find a balance that works for you and stick with it.

I hope this helps some, if you have any questions please feel free to ask.  I am still new to this blogging so bare with me, don't want to put too much on here that you all get tired of reading.

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