Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Girl Next Door

The girl next door, who is she?  Can she be the woman with the untainted reputation, the GOD fearing woman, independent woman working hard to maintain what she has built...Can she be the woman that cooks, cleans, and prefers being at home...Or can she be the woman that is nurturing and caring and provides new experiences that your not use to getting from any other woman, or is she what you would consider wifey material to bare your children and one day carry your last name?

No matter what perception of a "girl next door" you may have, what is it about that person that frightens us as men?  Some find her early, some find her later in life, some even have the luck of finding her more than once; but the thought of forever scares us so we either run away, dog her out, or become somewhat standoffish.  You see we as men have been programed that we are not suppose to show our emotions as it shows a sign of weakness.  No matter what any man says, we all want and need that one person that we can call to tell good or bad news to, someone that we can squeeze at night, that one person that understands us better than anyone else, and someone that we can grow old with.  In most cases people say men try to find a woman that reminds him of his mother, in some ways this is true.  We need that person that will be there when ever we call, maintains the household and is independent, someone who loves us for us and is able to call us out on our bull but not judge us for it. 

So where are these such women, where do we find them; at church, at the club, at work, from a friend, social media sites, dating sites, maybe the grocery store...I have found that you can find them any where, but its when your not looking is when they show up.  So if your looking for her, stop...have your fun and believe me if its meant to be she will find you.

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