Wednesday, August 22, 2012

When is enough truly enough

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies....When is enough going to be truly enough for you?  I mean I am so sick of seeing women fall for the bull of men, it is 2012 going on 2013 and you are still allowing these men to define you.  Everyone deserves to be loved, yes, but no one deserves to be mistreated either.  Don't be up here with your life and let a man bring your self esteem down here.  Before you got that man weren't you doing if he left today or tomorrow don't you think you will still be doing fine?  YES!!! Have your own, be independent, love yourself and know your worth.  I see so many woman confusing real men from little boys because real men aren't intimidated by an independent woman, no.  We just don't have time for the one's that throw up in your face "I don't need you I got my own" every 5 seconds.  We can handle a women who carries herself well, keeps her hair right, clothes fitted, finances in line with her means, and has her own but not afraid to allow us to help when needed.  But don't confuse us with the little boys that feel threatened that a woman makes more than him, insecure that if she looks nice when he isn't around she doing something, even though he mad she has more money he forever borrowing and never paying back money, everything in his mama name lil boys that will break your self esteem down to the point where your wondering why you exist is not the look.  Dust yourself off and keep it moving because you deserve better.  I have a daughter and I will be damned if I let her end up with some raggedy, no job having, insecure little boys that hit on women.  I'm going to show her how a man is suppose to love, support, and honor his woman.  As I am going to teach my two sons to respect women no matter what they are doing or conducting themselves you still respect them as you would want someone to respect your mother or your sister.  That's how I was raised and that is how I'm raising mine.  They learn from you so if you have a man that disrespects you and you make every excuse of why he is the way he is then they are going to grow up feeling that is ok.  Someone needs to break that cycle real quick because there is way too many instances of people losing their lives over domestic violence or committing suicide because someone brought their self esteem down so low that they couldn't take life any more.  So dont' talk about it, be about it and take back the control over your life.

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