Thursday, August 9, 2012

Voicemail Message Etiquette

I have three pet peeves when it comes to voice mails.
  1. The dreaded person that leaves like an hour voicemail explaining why they need you to call back, then if they forgot to tell you something in the last message they call you back then try explaining everything again so its all in one message.  "I forgot to grab this that and the other for diner tonight so I need you to go to this store grab this that and the other then go over to that store and get the other this that, oh and don't forget to go to grab my dry cleaning...Sorry I forgot to tell you to grab a bag of this, and don't for get to grab this and that and the other..." Why do you need to tell me every little detail, just say I need you to call me back its regarding this or that.  Then that will prompt me to say OK is this an emergency message where I need to call now or can I wait till later.
  2. Calling someone and get their voicemail and they are explaining why they didn't answer.  "Sorry I missed your call but I'm either too busy with the kids, didn't hear my phone ring, in a meeting, on the other end, or I just didn't feel like talking to you!"  Really!
  3. The infamous too loud voicemail that you can't make out what song it is and the loud vulgar rap songs.  Like why do you need your phone that close to the speakers to try and capture your favorite songs.  Didn't you think that maybe if you were job hunting or looking for schools that someone would be calling you back but now you just messed your chances up because 1st impressions are everything.
When picking out a ring back song or music to play in the background of your voicemail, please know the volume set and think about the lyrics and the reflection of what someone would perceive of you when they hear it come on.  When putting together your voicemail keep it simple, short and straight to the point."you reached ___________sorry I missed your call but if you leave your name and number I will get back to you at my earliest convenience."  Or if all fails just use your default message of your number and/or name.  You never know who maybe calling you, you don't want to lose out on your future.

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