Thursday, April 5, 2012

Man tells police he stabbed self inside Robinson hotel room,...

In recent news apparently a couple from Ohio were int he Robinson Area at a hotel and the guy was stabbed and was found by his fiance who was previously out walking her dog.  He told police that he stabbed himself, which police did find knives in the hotel room but there were no blood on any of them. However, the girlfriend told police that he was stabbed at a bar.  Later the hotel employee is saying he did hear a couple arguing but it didn't say or not if he was sure if it was coming from their room.

Ok is it just me or does this sound like another case of domestic abuse and possible substance abuse going on that they can't get their stories straight?  First off if my girl stabbed me I'm not lying for you unless you are the mother of my kids and even then there maybe some hesitation.  Why is it ok for a woman in society to call the cops for spousal abuse but not ok for a guy.  Its 2012 guys if your woman is kicking your butt, stabbing you, mentally abusing you , verbally abusing, please let it be known.  I have seen way too many women out here that are abused in relationships whether its verbal or physical and jump into a new relationship of one that seems weaker than the last one and abusing the hell out him.  But because his pride won't let him pick up the phone or just walk away he endures it and eventually snaps on her or the next one.  It is just a endless cycle that truly needs to stop.  If you feel you need to verbally or physically abuse someone to get your point across then it is time to walk away from that person; Point Blank Period.

But if you would like to read further about this story please click the link below.  This is my opinion of the situation from what I gathered after reading this story.

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